Broken~harry styles fanfic

i waited 5 mintues and i walk back into the bath room i pick it up..Postive.I feel like my life just ended i dont Know where to go i only have a little bit of money.What am i going to do??


4. The baby is a.........??

Harry's POV.

Its been a month in a half since me and Kimberly been together shes so amazing.

She's in the living room with the guy's,Eleanor,Perrie,and sophia.they all became pretty good friend the guy's love Kim,the girl's where best friends the minute they saw each other.

Me and Kim are going to see what the sex of the baby is tomorrow,and the guy's are going to tag along with the girls.

Im Very excited for this baby i always wanted a baby,the best thing is i get to call this baby mine.

Im the one he or she is going to call daddy,the person to here the first words,see him or her walk for the first time,and smile for the first time.

*Next Morning*

Kim's POV.

i cant wait to see my baby,if the baby will be a boy or girl.Im going to love this baby.

We are on are way to the hospital and Niall is in the back going on and on about food,im telling you this boy is always hungry.

Niall shut up or we are not going to Nandos after we see the sex of the baby.Louis said.

Niall shut up very quick.

We finally got to the room.The guys and the girls are here and Harry's right next to me with a smile ear to ear.

Are you guess ready to see the sex of your baby?the nurse asked.

Yes.We all yelled in a happy voice.

Its a baby.........Girl.

Everybody stared screaming except all the girls we are all hugging and crying the guys are all screaming about who's gonna be the favorite and Harry's just standing look at my baby,OUR baby on the screen with tears in his.

I tug on his arm and say Darcy.

He just looks at me,and smiles.

I always wanted a baby girl named Darcy.He said.

We all head to Nandos and eat,when we finish up we head to Harry and I's flat and everybody got there care and left.Me and harry sit on the couch.

We are going to be a big happy family.Harry said.

I smile.Yes,we are.

Harry kisses my lips and lifts my shirt up and bends down.

Hello,baby Darcy.Im your daddy thats what you can call me,I'm going to spoil you rotten .Even if your mum says no.

Harrys stands up and smiles I love you Kimberly.

I love you to Harry.



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