Broken~harry styles fanfic

i waited 5 mintues and i walk back into the bath room i pick it up..Postive.I feel like my life just ended i dont Know where to go i only have a little bit of money.What am i going to do??


1. Postive!

       kimberlys POV.

Its been 5 minutes,i walk into the bathroom with a hundred things going in my head,what if my mom kicks me out,where will i go,who will care my boyfriend left me already.I slowly picked the test up closed my eyes and took a deep breath....Positive.

My knees collapsed to the floor  tears escaped from my eyes one after another,i have know where to go i only have $500 i saved from my 16th birthday 6 months ago..

Its been  a month know I'm kinda of showing  but,my mom don't know  yet i think im not going to tell her i have everything planed im going to get my things packed when shes gone at work tomorrow and i will leave her a note.

*Next Morning*

Im so tired  the baby is kicking and my back hurts i got all my close packed,i got my money and everything i need know the note i sit at my desk and start writing,


sorry to leave this note and not tell you in person but,i didn't know how .Befor i tell you anything please don't call the cops i need to go i will get know where if i stay here but,guess what im pregnant im sorry i know you never wanted me to but,it just happend and the dad is  Dylan dont  know so please don't tell him i changed my number but,i will call you soon to check up.I love You.xx kim.



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