pick and choose no can do

my name is estrella luz farias and i am the queen of the under world. i am a hybrid.......... half vampire and half wolf and when i wanna be human. i have to choose being human or being a hybrid happy with Justin a wolf


1. ready or not

   I remember it like it was yesterday more like because it was yesterday... because it was i have exactly 3 weeks to choose if i want to be human or a hybrid. I love Justin yes Justin Bieber hes a wolf and the love of my life i met him this year and only found out like three days ago what  he was and boy does this mean a shit load of trouble. I love him alot but the thing is that I dont know what to choose. i love being with him show all sides of me but i also want to stay human. well I have three weeks to figure it out,


 "ESTRELLA START GETTING READY" my mom shouted snapping me out of my thoughts. 

  "ALREADY AM MOM" I shouted loud enough so she could hear me.

i went picked out my outfit hoped in the shower and only washed my body got out changed in to a white crop top and black shorts with black combat boots. see my mothers a wolf and my dads a vampire but me being one of both i am the queen of all becuase im the only one of my kind. anyway i do my morning routine grab my bag hope in my car and go pick up Justin while his cars in the shop. 


  "hey babe" he says while getting in the car. i have a 2014 black  with blue mustang 

"hey hey hey" i reply then i head off to school witch was 5 minutes away.

   authors note PLEASE READ

hey um this is like my first story that i am planning to finsh the begging is really lame but i promise it will get better but i really need some grls in my story so if you want to be one pllease feel free to leave a comment first 5 girls to comment will be in it or feel free to msg me on facebook at Luz sirena farias so yea ill update soon i promise 


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