Sent from angels raised by demons

Elena loves one direction but in a world with one friend and an abusive dad can she keep herself alive? Please read and give my story a chance.


1. days of the past

I woke up in a cold sweat, trying not to be fazed by my horrendous nightmare. "Elena, get ur ass over here now!" My master yelled as heavy footsteps trudged up the stairs. I hid in my closet and stared at the vicious man standing in front of my eyes. "Why the hell would you even consider eating food?"

"What are you talking about I haven't eaten anything in two days!" I said a little to cocky and when I realized it I felt a sharp pain on the side of me face. Naturally my hand flew up to it and I screamed. "That's what you get you little bitch," he said through gritted teeth.

Authors not

Sorry it was so short this is my first novella so please tag along I'm gonna ask some people to be in my movella so just comment ur name age and favorite from one direction. Thanks and I will have the winners hopefully soon.

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