Your Famous? -Louis Tomlinson Love Story

A girl who was abused for a huge life time then finally when she is 20 she runs away but what happens when a van comes and almost hits her? will the person in that group fall for her? or will she fall for him?


1. We Meet Again

~Summer~ Hello My Name is Summer  that's me i was kidnapped when i was 10 my best friend was Louis Tomlinson i learned he had a crush on me. he was about to try to kiss me when a guy came out and threw me in a van. i have been beat so bad i passed out. it has been 10 years. Today i am gonna escape yesterday was my birthday and he gave me just a little more food and let me take a shower. i turned 20 yesterday. my brother got stolen with me or more like kidnapped. his name is Austin  ~Louis~ My name is Louis Tomlinson I lost my best friend when i was 10. i really liked her. literally she was my first crush. she got kidnapped though. i have tried so hard to move on but i couldn't i had 6 girlfriends already and 3 of them wanted me for my money and fame. and the other three i didn't like and they were rude to my friends. no one could replace summer's place. she was beautiful. i am in a band now. one direction.~ present time~ Niall and i were driving when i saw a girl run infront of the van well running across the street. i screamed and stomped on the brakes. she got scared so she tripped and fell over. me and niall got out quickly and helped her up. she looked just like summer. she said thank u and said "thank you f'or helping me whats your guys name" "niall" "Louis" she was about to say something when a boy tackled her to the floor. she groaned. she said "Austin get off me we just escaped from a kidnapper and i was beat for years and you just tackled me to the darn pavement you idiot" her story sounds just like summer's. wait i think it is her. "well you left me behind running and u were running like a jet so yeah" "well when my old friend Louis Tomlinson dared me to join the track team i run faster now and i was worried that he would race after us" omg its her! "are you summer justice?" she nodded. "yes i am how did you know?" sweet mother of pancakes its her.

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