Imortal Strain.

My names Annabeth Thatch. But after an almost death 300 years ago a name can be forgotten. A story of Death, evil and love. And the big question, is forever too long, even for death?


1. 10th august, 1714.

(sorry this is sooo long. there was too much in my head. This took me a month to write.)



it was a dark windy day, i sunday i think, i dont really know, it was such a long time ago. i didnt know where i wanted to go, i just knew that i wanted to leave. i wasnt like most girls my age. i wasnt all into the huge dresses and shit. i hated the big hair and the goofy clown make up that was seen as normal back then. if i was honest, which i wasn't, i really wanted to try a normal thin skirt, or even, trousers, or jeans as their called now. nothing was right, i really wanted to to be born atleast 200 or 300 year later, little did i know that my wish would kind of come true.

so, anyway i left. where to? i have no idea, still to this day i dont know where i went or when i left. all i know is i was in a clearing in the forrest right outside my monnor when... it... happened.


As i got there, there was a man standing in the middle of the clearing with a dead body lying at his feet, i knew i should have run, but i wanted to see what happened. i saw him look up and stare at me, or right through me. As he waked closer to me, i started to back up, but hit a tree i tryed to back around it, but it seemed to go on forever. when he was close enough to me and i could see his face, it was so pale and his eyes. Blood red with a ring of black around them. but the one thing that you couldn't not see. the thick ring of blood around his mouth and teeth.

"w-what are you" i asked trembling. although i thought i said this quite nicley, it seemed to anger him.  well i say 'seemed' it really angered him. he cut my neck, only a little bit, with his nail, like butter. i cryed in pain and shock when he put his finger soked with my blodd in his mouth and smiled.

"you have evil blood Annabeth" he was gripping my throwt, a bit too tight for comfort.

evil blood, what did that mean? little did i know at the time, it meant exactly what the name said, i had evil blood, but i would find that out later.

"you know why name, how?" i said, still trembling like a little girl.

he said nothing withing seconds i was pushed harder against the tree, but it wasn't the same tree i was on a second ago, this tree was on the other side of the clearing. he had ran there in the space of 5 seconds. this was normal, then again, this wasn't human.

"what are.." i was cut off with the most amount of pain i had ever felt. it was like a stinging, aching, bleeding feeling all a once. i lost every sence. i couldn't even move exept fall into a hole of black nothingness.


As i woke i was still in the clearing. i wasn't yet adjusted to the day, so i didn't see the man lying on the ground next to me. I was in the sun and he was in the shade under the tree, i suddenly felt like i was being watched and laughed at, but there was no one around exept for the man and the dead body. Anyway, i moved into the shade where i automaticly felt better. i was so confused. what happened the night before? I shook the man next to me.

"What happened? i command you to tell me what on earth is going on!" i yelled at him, shaking.

as he sat up, he looked at me, and laughed.

"what are you laughing at?" i cryed "what have you done?" i was now crying and scared for my life.

he patted my nack and that same pain shot through me, this pain brought back memories of the nigh before. The strength of his grip, his speed, cutting my neck and the pain and the black hole. i think i knew then what was going on but i didnt want to say it, i didnt want it to be true. i didnt want to have to face what had happened.

"what are you?" i asked in a sky kind of voice.

"what am i?" he looked insane "i think you know damn well what i am"

"do i?" he grabed my wrists and shoved me agains a tree, so hard that it should have broken my back, but i felt no pain, no cracking sound, nothing. He laughed at me, a hard evil laugh that made me shudder. then he flicked my neck with his fingers right where the pain was the worse. i put my hand up to the pain when he let go of me, when i looked at my hand it was coverd in blood, even after a night, it was still bleeding.

"what? why am i still bleeding, i should be..." then it hit me. i should be dead, but i wasn't, or at least i didnt look like it. The man was smiling at me.

"turn around" he said "look at where you were asleep" he pointed at where i was sleeping.

as i turned around there was easly all the 8 pintes of blood i owned pooling in the grass. i screemed and backed into the same tree i was shoved againts. there was sudenly a small crakling sound, i looked over where i had put my hand the tree had a crack in it right down the middle. I screemed again, loud. the man was laughing at me again.

"right, it time you give me some answers!!!" i yell at him

"ok. what answers do you want to know?" he said smiling

"what are you? what did you to do to me?where did that crack come from? where did all that blood come from? what on earth is going on?"

he started to walk slowly towards me smiling.

"im a vampire annabeth. I bit you, you created that crack, thats your blood, thats whats going on. Anymore questions?" he took another small step closer. saw my scared face and smiled.

"y-you bit me? what dose that mean?"i said has he took another a step. 

"if im a vampire what do you think?"

i went pale and felt sick. i got up and ran in to the sun and fell on my knees. "what happening to me? why arent i burning?"

"the sun doesn't do that, it just hurts our eyes because they a lot more sensitive than a humans. you also feel uncomftable in the sun because vampires feel awkward being able to be seen really well"

"why" i asked stepping out of the sun, it was true, it was like the sun was watching me or something.

"i dont really know, vampires just dont like to be seen too often"

i looked down and the cracking was back around my hands. i screemed againa and the grass and mud started to pull its self out of the ground and fly away. The trees were swaying and the ground had a large crack dow the middle of the clearing. more i was scared the more everything aound me was going wild. when i saw this i tryed to calm down andeverything started to calm down, so i took my hands off and it well altogether. i pointed my hand towards a tree root and pretended to pull it up and the whole tree came with it.. This was amazing, but where did this come from? i saw the man was sitting next to me watching me. i looked over and smiled at him "what is this?" i asked.

"your gifted" he said

"why?" i asked still playing my new ability.

"because... i dont really know. it just sometimes happenes. it normaly happenes with evil blood, but its still not all the time"

"i was ment to ask you about that evil blood thing. what is it?" i asked stupidly, because it was kind of clear what it was, but oh well.

"Well, evil blood is the blood that runs through an evil vampire, if you have evil blood and your turned before your 18, once you become 18 you stop ageing and you will become evil theres no way around it because evil blood is so rare, but the fact you had it when you were human, isnt normal"


After a lot more talking and explaining, that i will talk more about when i need to, he walked me home. When i got in a had a bad attitude. Being a vampire was prooving to be really cool, but i hated living with my mother now. Gosh i wanted to kill her.

"whats wrong darling?" she asked sweetly and annoyingly

"nothing" i hissed "leave me alone"

"is that anyway to talk to your mother?" she yelled, so angry at me for talking to her like that, that she went red, see when i was REALLY 16 you would never say anything like that to your mum. anyway...

she got right in my face and asked me again, in a voice that i think she thought would scare me, and if the resent events hadn't happened i probabley would have been scared.

"is that anyway to talk to your mother?"

"HA!" i laughed one loud hard laugh. "why shouldn't I?" i said through gritted teeth. then my father walked in

"whats going on in here?" he bellowed shoving my mother out the way, i rolled my eyes


no i didn't understand, what made them better than me? Remembering what i could do and what i was i lost it. i pushed my father up against the wall by his throte without touching him. i pressed harder and i senced my mother walking up behind my so i dropped my father and spun around and nocked her over. as a passed a mirror i saw my face change, my eyes were suddenly all black and my face went all white, and my fangs hurt slightly, but i wasn't really in the mood to care about that shit. When I turned back to my mother she screemed. As I came closer and closer, she fainted. Well a fainted victim isnt any fun, but i was fun so i thought, fuck it. And oh my god, wow. I could have fainted. The tast of blood was overwhelming. So i ended up killing them both. The feeling was amazing.

but that was almost 300 years ago, and everythings changed. I don't know where that clearing is now, i don't know what happened to that dead bodie, i dont see my family anymore and i don't even have to same name, I was Annabeth Thatch, now im Ingrid Dead, and this is my life in 2014.

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