The Serial Killer Carousal

Serial Killers across the countries are coming together for the ultimate genocide. Follow their stories for how they became the biggest threat known to earth, and how much of a 'Fun Fair' they can be.


4. Terror-Twins

        "You remember what to do, right Rory?" The young women asked her twin in the lowest voice she could muster. The nightclub they were in stank of gyrating sweaty people, music that forced hips to grind, and alcohol-ingested persons that were all ready for the killing.

        "You betcha, Meggie. Also, the guy across the dance floor seems positively drunk. About you." Meggie, though an attractive women, tended to pull the wrong crowd. That was a good thing, as they were easier to put six foot under the ground. Rory was exactly the same. Strong build, evenly tanned, green eyes that offered a good time. Also, tended to attract the wrong crowd.

        "Tiny there in the corner seems equally entranced by you. Go get her." The thing about Meggie and Rory Thatcher it that they were terrifyingly savage in their ways.  Not only did they work together as one, they were also good at acting and lying, which was a perfect combination for police interviews. In the time of three years, ever since they were both sixteen, they had racked up a total number of three hundred dead victims. Each. Out of the six hundred they had killed, they had been accused of under twelve, and been sent to court for only one.

        Within minutes, Meggie had already gotten the twenty-something year olds number, and was being led to the front of the nightclub, ready for a night of 'lots and lots of drunk love.' Personally, she was disgusted by the stench of booze on his breath, and was ready to throw up. Just think of the amazing thrill, she thought, steeling herself for the night to come. Meggie checked, and double checked that she had her phone, random bits of make-up, and bottle of clear poison that looked oddly like a bottle of water.

        Rory was slowly seducing the very drunk, very small lady that had seemed very interested in him before. He purred words in her ear, certain to actually look like he was interested in her sweet, wine scented giggles and drunken slur. By the time Meggie was out the door, Rory was positive he just had to do one more thing, and Tiny would be his for the taking. A few more minutes and it should be fine. A few more minutes to lead them to bed. A few more minutes and they should be dead. A few more minutes...






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