The Serial Killer Carousal

Serial Killers across the countries are coming together for the ultimate genocide. Follow their stories for how they became the biggest threat known to earth, and how much of a 'Fun Fair' they can be.


3. Slip-Knot

        Slip-Knot sat in-yet again-an interrogation room, bound to the uncomfortable metal chair with tightly pulled ropes. He was staring down in his lap, grinning as the bloody spit from his cut lip dribbled down his chin onto the frayed rope binding his lightly muscled shoulders.

         "I'll ask again, Mr Rafee. What were you doing on the nineteenth of August, 2014, at three-oh-nine am?" Slip-Knot just kept on grinning down at his lap. He sure as hell didn't answer to the name Rafee any more. That was his parents name, his sisters, his brothers. Not his. Definitely not his. His grin stretched further. It only seemed to infuriate the so called 'police officer' more. A punch on the back of Slip-Knots head made him wince and his ears ring, but still, he grinned. He knew something that the 'police-officer' possibly didn't.

       "TELL ME YOU BASTARD! WHERE WERE YOU? DID YOU KILL THEM?" Slowly, Slip-Knot looked up, and let the grin fall from his face. Nodding, Slip-Knot stood up, letting all but the rope connecting his wrists, fall to the floor with a swoosh. At last, he spoke. Deeper than expected, the 'police-officer' stood wide eyed and mouth gaping. "Yeah, I killed them, Strangled 'em and hung 'em, like a rabbit in a butchers. My name is Slip-Knot, age nineteen, and killer of all other occupants in this room."

        Then, he rocketed himself against the wall, before jumping onto the back of the police-officer and strangling him with the rope until his face went blue and no air was able to pass through his windpipes ever again.


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