Miss Matthews

We look straight past people.
We judge them on who they are.
It is of course natural but that does not mean we can't learn not to.
I am Jeanine Matthews and this is my story.


1. ONE

I watch as her hands move quickly across the page. She is smart. Very.

My sister looks up at me her glasses askew. "What?" She frowns. "You are training." I say. 

She is younger than me and her aptitude test will not be for three years. She has time she can spend with friends, family.

I do not believe in aptitude tests. You should be able to make your choice freely. 

I pick up her notes. Even I cannot understand them. "You are clever Jodie."

She ignores me and continues. I sigh. Every time I try to interact with her she shuns me.

My mother walks in and glares at me.

"She is younger than you and is already studying. You? You do nothing all day. She has three years, you have a month."

I scowl at her. "Exactly" I stress. " A month. I have lots of time, She's just being paranoid."

My mother raises her eyebrow. "Paranoid? She is committed to becoming what she wants to be."

"A Scientist." She grins up at us.

"Well, I don't need to train. I could be a scientist any day."

Before she has time to retort I run upstairs. I glance at my books for a split second but look  away quickly. "No."

The rain lashes against my face but I don't care as I make my way outside to the edge of Erudite.

I sit and I wait.

He comes. I knew he would.

"J?" I frown. "Don't call me that. I thought we agreed." He notices I'm smiling when I say it.

Andrew Prior sits beside me. "Worried?" He grins. "Psh. I couldn't care less really." His eyes widen. "Jeanine, are you joking? This is big!" 

I know Aptidute tests are big but I don't believe in all of it. I just nod - expressing my opinion on the factions could get me killed.

He ruffles my hair, disheveling it. "Thought so. We can settle down here when we're older. You could be a- a teacher!" I smile. I could not. I am not clever naturally, I have to train.

Erudites are supposed to be born smart. "Maybe." I sigh. 

"Promise me  one thing Jeanine," He grips my hand.

"We both choose Abnegation."

I shove away from him.


"I've seen what they do here!" He cried. 

The water was dripping off of his face each drop splashing onto the floor as his mouth moved.

"They use others as experiments!"

I Stare at him slowly getting up.

"I don't give a damn what you pick!" I yell. "Whatever you pick, I Will make sure I pick different, Dauntless or Amity I don't give a-" I was cut off by his hand across my face.

A slap? I Lunge at him clawing at anything I can, The rain blinding me.

As I do he  pulls me in and his lips move closer to mine.

I Gasp and kick him square in the stomach and run back inside. My feet leaving wet footprints everywhere I stumble.

I grip the banister for support.

I'm staying, I will pass my test, I will do whatever it takes to stay.

I will show him how he is wrong, How my only friend turned on me like that.

I will kill him.

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