Girl with Toy gun

Yasmin is 16years old wild and crazy teen with no reggets Jim is bit depressed,player,menwhore,heartbreaker and cocky. They are like total opposites.


3. the kiss

--- Jim's pow---

I sit in my artment well mine and Isaac's. Cause he was my roomie. But he was visiting his Grandparents. I was bored and didnt want to call those cheap whores. I went outside and smoke cigarette. I saw familiar pair of brown curls."hey." I said. "Hi." She smiled."you really should stop smoking." She said. "Well if i had a reason." I said. "What are you doing here?" I asked. " i was looking if Lilly was home.but she isnt." She said. "Why dont you come over?" I asked hoping she would say yes. "Uggh. Okay." She said and i tried not to do happy dance why did i felt this way. We sat on livingroom talking."im going out for smoke." I said. "No dont,its not good for you."she said taking me by my arm. "Why do you care?" I asked. "Well i dont want you to get cancer for some stupid shit you smoke.sorry." She said. "Its okay." I said. "But im still going." I teased. "No." She said. "If you kiss me i will drow these away."i said holding pack of cigarettes. "What?" She asked.i really wanted to taste her lips. When she talk it was so irritatin to look those pink soft lips. And i felt need to know how her lips felt on mine. "You heard me." I said. She took the packet of my hand. "Okay." She said looking me. I wrapped my arm around her back pulling her closer to my lap. She didnt protest i smashed my lips onto hers. First i wanted just peck of her lips but i wasnt able to stop when her soft lips were against mine. She kissed me back just like i did to her. The kiss was slow and gentle and she kept her eyes shut. I dont remember when i kissed someone with so much passion. I felt something i never had felt before. Not even with Angela. I bit slowly her lover lip causing her to moan and i slipped the tongue inside her sweet mouth her hand were holding me by my shoulders softly. This girl was driving me crazy. I was just enjoyning the feeling of her lips.I felt her pulling away from the kiss and i felt need to pul her back but i knew i couldn't. "Uumm. I cant." She breathed looking me.i looked her and wanted to peck her lips again.our lips almost touched again and her warm breath hit my face. But then she jumped away. "Just one more kiss." I whispered. "Jim, i cant do this."she said i followed her to the door. "I really like you." I said. "But you dont know me." She said. "I want to get to know you."i said. "Jim, you are trouble to my feelings." She said and left, leaving me there. I closed the door and that night i just stood the wall missing the feeling she gave me when we kiss. But the kiss was just that i would trow the cigarette away.i would guit the smoking if i could have her in my arms and kiss her whenever i want to. First time of my life i wasnt so sure if i wanted to keep living my playerish life and broke girls hearts.

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