Girl with Toy gun

Yasmin is 16years old wild and crazy teen with no reggets Jim is bit depressed,player,menwhore,heartbreaker and cocky. They are like total opposites.


2. player

--- Jim's pow---

I was so frustaded and bored and memories of Angela were drifting back in my brains i felt like i was going crazy.suddenly the high voice of doorbell woke me up from my though. I looked Isaac who looked tv. "Can you get that." He said. I stood up and made my way to the door. As i opened the door girl with toy gun pointed it to me and the gun made horrible fake shootin sounds causing me to crack into laughter. SHe had hazel eyes brown hair tied in pony tail she was wearing white crop top what had black "BO$$" text on it and the top showed her belly buton ring what had Jingjang logo on it and she was wearing short black shorts what showed her curvy legs. She was bright red for the awkwardness. She looked few years younger than me. But i was so amazed by her. Though of her run in my mind it was allready morning and i couldnt move her small hands were wrapped around my stomach and her head rested on my shouder as my arm was holding her smal waist. She looked so cute and peacefull. Her skin was freckless it looked so soft. Her hair was messy in curls resting on her right shoulder she looked so beautiful. What was happening to me. There was no way i was going to let myself trust girls again. I wasnt going there again. But right now i could only think of this girl sleeping next to me arms tight around me. I felt her wake up and quickly closed my eyes."how long have you stared me?" Her sleepy voice said. She noticed."you had something in your cheek." I said and brushed it away. There wasnt nothing. "Okay Jimmy." She laugh. "Jimmy?" I asked. "Yeah ,new nickname to you." She smiled.

Later that day

I couldnt get Yasmine out of my head. I needed to bang someone right now. "Im going to gym." Isaac said as he walked out the door. I dialed Samanthas numbed and she answered "hey babe." She said. "Can you come over?" I said. "Someones eager." She purred drying to be sexy. Soon the door bell rang and i opened the door. As i fell into bed she on top of me unbuttoning my shirt and grining onto me. I felt disgusted.normally i would be turned on by this but it only turned me off more. She kissed my lips,i felt like puking. When her hand found my boxers and pushed her of me."i cant do this." I said. She looked me like i had two heads."you dont want me?"she said. "Its not that." I said. "Then what it is?" She said. "This was mistake,im sorry, i cant do this no more." I said. She fixed her shirt and hair and glared me and left. "Call me when you want to fuck." She said as she walked out the house i followed her outside and took my cigarettes. I looked in to yard and saw Yasmine and few other girls staring me. Yasmine looked socked and shook her head. Nonono. Why?she though i did that with Samantha. Wait?why would i care what she though of me? I took the cigarette and light it and pulled the smoke out my lungs. She stared me. The girls stood up and walked inside Yasmine said something to them and she looked me and made her way over me. She looked me with little disgust. "I know that you are that kind of guy,but please dont smoke." She said and took the cigarette of my mout and tropped it to cround and stepped on it. Normally i would got mad but i couldnt yell to Yasmin. She walked away. "What kind of guy?" I asked. "Who fucks everything what moves." She said guietly looking me coldly. That hitted me hard. I have been called man whore and things like that before earlier i was just cocky and pround about it but now i felt ashamed of myself.

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