Lord of the Rings - Hidden Blood

The One Ring has to be destroyed. And I, Vanya Halda Serke, daughter of Arathorn, travel with the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf the Grey, Aragon Isildurs heir, Legolas prince of the Woodland Realm, Gimli, son of my old friend Gloin and four little hobbits; Frodo the ringbearer and Sam, Pippin and Merry. Together we travel towards Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. But it is not a safe journey, and danger awaits us...


32. Through the eyes of Aragorn

As we entered the woods, we were desperate. Vanya’s sings of life were fading. She was dying, right before our very eyes. Legolas was in a panic, still holding her tight in his arms.

And Gimli told horror stories of the elven witch living in the forest to the hobbits, keeping their minds busy.

“I have the eyes of a fox.”

He claimed. I could have laughed, when we were finally surrounded by the guards of the realm.

“The dwarf breathes so laud we could have shot him in the dark.”

The leader claimed. I approached him, gently bowing my head.

“Haldir of Lorien. We need your help.”

I said, as Legolas approached with Vanya in his arms. Still her eyes were closed, and she was becoming colder and colder.

“She was stabbed by a goblin blade.”

I told Haldir.

“She is dying.”

Legolas said, looking at her. Haldir nodded, and showed us the way into the realm of the lady of the woods. There was no time for talking, no time for presentation. We were brought straight into the center of the realm, were Vanya could be healed. But not before the Lady of Lorien had seen us.


She screamed, as she approached, so the trees trembled. She ran to Vanya, carefully touching her cold chin.

“My poor child, what has the world done to you?”

She asked, clearly she knew Vanya, but from where?

“Bring her to my chambers, and get our finest healers.”

She ordered. Haldir nodded, and sent one of his soldiers to fetch the healers.

“Give her to me.”

Haldir asked. Legolas did not seem willing to let her go.

“Let him take her. She will be healed, and you can see her after.”

I told him, and placed my hand on his shoulder. He finally handed Vanya over, and she was taken away. It seemed to hurt him, that they were separated. But he said nothing, and looked away.

Galadriel, the lady of the woods, still stood with us. Looking in the direction where Vanya had been taken. She shook her head as in disbelief.

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