Lord of the Rings - Hidden Blood

The One Ring has to be destroyed. And I, Vanya Halda Serke, daughter of Arathorn, travel with the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf the Grey, Aragon Isildurs heir, Legolas prince of the Woodland Realm, Gimli, son of my old friend Gloin and four little hobbits; Frodo the ringbearer and Sam, Pippin and Merry. Together we travel towards Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. But it is not a safe journey, and danger awaits us...


18. The courage of a hobbit

“The ring cannot be destroyed, Gimli son of Gloin, by any craft we here possess.”

Lord Elrond said. I looked at the dwarf, Gimli son of Gloin. I was not aware that Gloin had had a son. Perhaps that was why he had been so father like towards me, even though I preferred the company of Balin. Not that he seemed to recognize me, sitting beside Gimli.

“The ring was made in the fires of Mt. Doom, only there can it be unmade. It must be take deep into Mordor, and cast back into the flames from which it came. One of you must do this.”

He continued, now that Gimli was back in his seat. I looked at him, seeing the family resemblances. He noticed my look, and stared back with anger. I did not understand, but looked away when Legolas grabbed my hand. I pulled it right back, and made eye contact with Aragorn again. It seemed to amuse him that I would not bend to Legolas’s will.

“One does not simply walk into Mordor.”

Boromir said, as if Lord Elrond had lost his mind.

“It’s black gates are guarded by more than just orcs. There is evil there that does not sleep. The great eye ever watchful. It is a barren wasteland, riddled with fire, ash and dust. The air you breathe is a poisonous fume. Not with ten thousand men could you do this.”

Yet again Legolas get up from his seat.

“Have you heard nothing Lord Elrond has said? The ring must be destroyed.”

Legolas said, quite upset. I had a bad feeling about this.

“And I suppose you think you’re the one to do it?”

Gimli said angrily towards Legolas. The argument might turn into a fight, if they continued like this. While Legolas was still standing, Boromir got up from his set as well.

“And if we fail what then? What happens when Sauron takes back what is his?”

Gimli got up, still angry at Legolas.

“I’d be dead, before I see the ring in the hands of an elf.”

He said, not even having heard what Boromir said. The comment was enough, the argument started and everyone got up. Arguing, even cursing at each other. I stayed in my set, shaking my head, as even Gandalf joined in. I noticed Frodo still seated, looking at the ring intensely. Suddenly he got up too.

“I will take it.”

He said, not being heard by most, he repeated himself. I smiled at the hobbit, surprised at his bravery. Finally they realized what he had said.

“I will take the ring to Mordor.”

Frodo said, to make sure everyone had heard him.

“Though I do not know the way.”

He said, a bit awkward now that everyone was staring at him.

“Then I shall take you, Frodo Baggins of the Shire. Whatever I can give to ensure your safety, I shall give it.”

I offered my help, and rose from my seat. I briefly caught a glimpse of Legolas. He was not pleased, he was furious. Frodo smiled and nodded. He would be pleased to have me as his companion. But he was the only one.

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