Lord of the Rings - Hidden Blood

The One Ring has to be destroyed. And I, Vanya Halda Serke, daughter of Arathorn, travel with the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf the Grey, Aragon Isildurs heir, Legolas prince of the Woodland Realm, Gimli, son of my old friend Gloin and four little hobbits; Frodo the ringbearer and Sam, Pippin and Merry. Together we travel towards Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. But it is not a safe journey, and danger awaits us...


40. I have gained a family

As we left the woods of Lothlórien, sailing on the river of Anduin, I gently touched the necklace hidden away under my clothes.

“Three strands of her hair!”

Gimli said, constantly talking about the hairs he had received from Galadriel. I myself had received something much more valuable.


She almost whispered my name, she said it so gently. I was the last in line, to receive gifts. Legolas, standing beside me, had received a bow and arrows with a firm remark to kept it close and me safe. Then she turned to me.

“I need no gift.”

I told her, having already received so much.


She whispered with a smile, wanting to give me something. I shook my head.

“You have already given me a family, and that is all that I could ever wish for.”

I said, smiling at her satisfied. I did not need anything. I had the people with me that I cared for. I was with the people that loved me, and I could not ask for more. Galadriel just smiled at me, and nodded. She kissed my forehead, wishing me all the luck in the world. Still I felt her hand in my, placed something warm in it.

“Na lû e-govaned vîn.”

She whispered, and closed my fingers around it, before I could see what it was.

And now, in the boats I could see it. A small gem, the size of the nail on my tomb. It shined with the clearest blue light, warming my heart, as it reminded me of her eyes. I saw her in the woods, waving goodbye. Soon she too would leave Middle Earth.

“I’m hungry.”

I heard Pippin complain and laughed.

“We have only just eaten Pippin.”

Aragorn reminded him of the feast, before we had left.

“Still hungry.”

Pippin complained, and looked towards the bag on the boat I shared with Legolas.

“You are not touching that lembas bread. Only in need, you greedy little hobbit.”

Gimli remarked, slightly teasing. Pippin made a complaining noise, but looked away from the bread.

“Would this be the time to mention that I can’t swim?”

Sam asked, looking at the water quite nervous.

“It will not be a problem, Sam.”

I promised him, sliding my fingers through the cooling water.

“As long as you stay in the boat that is.”

I replied, adding my own tease. It made Sam laugh a little, and lightened his mood.

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