Lord of the Rings - Hidden Blood

The One Ring has to be destroyed. And I, Vanya Halda Serke, daughter of Arathorn, travel with the fellowship of the ring. Gandalf the Grey, Aragon Isildurs heir, Legolas prince of the Woodland Realm, Gimli, son of my old friend Gloin and four little hobbits; Frodo the ringbearer and Sam, Pippin and Merry. Together we travel towards Mordor, where the ring can be destroyed. But it is not a safe journey, and danger awaits us...


23. A nervous hobbit

We were back to ignoring each other again, Legolas and I. Aragorn seemed annoyed. Why I did not care about. Just being around Legolas reminded me of both his and his father’s words to me. And I was determent to prove them both wrong. I was worth something, and I was defiantly not a child.

“Be safe. All of you.”

Bilbo said, looking first at Frodo, then me and finally Gandalf. We nodded in agreement, we would do our best. I would do anything to keep Frodo safe, I owed it to Bilbo.

“Safe travels.”

Lord Elrond wished us, and then he and his elven-kind bowed their head in a elvish prayer. Wishing that we would be safe, that we would reach our goal and that we would all return home unhurt.

And so our journal began, as we left Rivendell. Ten of us with a horse to carry our supplies. I had given my horse to Arwen, as this journey was long, and it was quite possible that I would not return.

“So, Vanya…”

Pippin began, and had run to my side. I looked at him, while we walked and he lost his nerve.

“Yes Peregrin?”

I asked. His face was slowly turning red again.

“Pippin, call me Pippin.”

He said, hardly able to look at me.

“Or just Pip.”

He whispered, I could barely hear it. Then I realized when he was so nervous. The hobbit liked me, and was quite nervous about it. Lucky for him, Aragorn called my name.

“Sing us a song to pass the time.”

He asked, preventing the hobbit from embarrassing himself further. I nodded, as the hobbit rushed forward.

“May it be an evening star
Shines down upon you
May it be when darkness falls
Your heart will be true
You walk a lonely road
Oh! How far you are from home

Mornie utulie
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie
A promise lives within you now

May it be the shadow's call 

Will fly away
May it be your journey on
To light the day
When the night is overcome
You may rise to find the sun

Mornie utulie
Believe and you will find your way
Mornie alantie

A promise lives within you now
A promise lives within you now.”

I sang. It seemed fitting, despite already having song it for Legolas.

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