Born alone, raised alone

She was born in a flower, she was raised by her mother until the age of 16, her mother died and she lived alone and decided to go to school, high school, first day of going to any school at all, first day for a lot of things, its also one direction's first day but when they meet Rose, things don't go as they expect


6. Chapter 6

Thumper came running in and kicked Harry in the face. Bambi rammed Liam in the wall. The chipmunks climbed up Louis pants and the squirrels attack Harry's hair. Niall was the only one who didn't get attack yet so After Harry passed out from being beat up, Thumper ran and started to beat up Niall and the chipmunks joined them. After the boys have been beat up, the animals helped me drag them into their car. I drove home and the animals followed. When we got home I had the animals help me carry the boys inside. The animals set them on the couch. After the animals were done they went home. I went to the kitchen and made tea.


I made sure my tiara was on and it was. I drank my tea and walked into the living room. I sat in front of the boys and they were all bruised. "Aww... Poor little babies" I said. I put my hand on Harry's face and chest to heal the bruises. I did the same for the other boys too. I didn't tie them up or anything, if they tried to leave I would just use my powers.


I sat between Harry and Zayn until all the boys woke up. "WHERE AM I?!" Harry screamed. "WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR?!" Zayn yelled. "WAS I BEAT UP BY A RABBIT?!" Niall yelled. "WAS I ATTACKED?!" Louis yelled. "I WAS RAMMED INTO A WALL!" Liam yelled.


"Boys, boys, calm down" I said. I put my hand on Zayn's hair to fix it. I smiled at him and he had a relieved look on his face. "Yes, you were beat up by animals, and your in my house" I said to them. "I'm not who you think I am" I said to them.


"Who are you?!" Harry said. "My name is Rosetta Sage Princess of mother nature" I said to them. They all had a shocked look on their face. "Were so sorry!" Harry said. "I'm going to school tomorrow, and I expect you to keep those weird girls away from me, and I sit where I choose to" I said. "Okay" Harry said.


After the boys left I did my usual routine and went to bed. When I woke up I brushed my hair and brushed my teeth and got dressed. I put on a baby light pink dress and went to school. When I got to school I gasped and saw something.

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