Born alone, raised alone

She was born in a flower, she was raised by her mother until the age of 16, her mother died and she lived alone and decided to go to school, high school, first day of going to any school at all, first day for a lot of things, its also one direction's first day but when they meet Rose, things don't go as they expect


5. Chapter 5

They took the cloth off my eyes and I see one direction was standing in front of me. "AHH!!!" I screamed "Looks like the fan girl ness finally kicked in" Louis said and smirked. "I SAID I WON'T GO ON A DATE WITH YOU" I yelled at him. Louis jaw dropped. "let me go, or I will call my friends" I said. "No, you live here now and you probably have no friends" Harry said. My hands were tied up and I tried to move but then Harry came and sat down next to me. "Kiss me" Harry said and leaned in. "NO!" I said and ducked so he kissed the couch. "EW!" Harry said and stood in front of me. I smirked at him and he got pissed. "Just you wait Harry, you kid napped the wrong girl" I said and gave him that mischievous smile.


"What are you going to do? Put lip stick on me?" he said and laughed. "I don't wear make up, the only thing I wear is lip gloss you dumb ass" I said and smirked. "You don't wear make up?!" he said and all the boys had a shocked look on their face. Harry went upstairs and when he came back down he tried to wipe my face with a wet paper towel and nothing came off. "I told you I didn't wear make up" I said.


Harry was shocked and stormed up stairs. "Are you always right?" Zayn said and sat next to me. "Yep" I said popping the p. "Were going to get lunch, we'll be back in an hour" Louis said and all the boys went upstairs.


I closed my eyes and focused. The tiara on the counter in my house appeared on my head. I opened my eyes and smiled. I whistled and the squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, butterflies, and some deer showed up. "Guys, don't make a mess of the house, go hide in the bathroom over there until I say so and hurry!" I said to the animals. They nodded and went. I was still in the basement. "Thumper!" I yelled and the rabbit came out. "Can you chew the rope in half?" I asked. Thumper nodded and helped. "Thanks" I said and Thumper went back to the bathroom.


The rope was still on my hands but it was cut in half, it only looked like I was still tied up. I called the animals out of the bathroom and told them the plan. After 20 minutes I heard foot steps. "Go hide!" I yelled whispered to the animals and they did.


Harry and the boys came down the steps and sat in front of me on the floor. "Did you have fun being alone" Harry said. "Where did you get that crown?" Niall said. "A crown?" I said slowly. Zayn came up to me and took the crown. "GIVE IT BACK!" I yelled. "No" Zayn said and laughed. He thought the crown was plastic and tried to snap it but it was diamonds and it wouldn't break. I jumped up and took the rope off and hit Zayn in the face. "NOW!" I yelled and the deer, rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks and butterflies came out. 

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