Born alone, raised alone

She was born in a flower, she was raised by her mother until the age of 16, her mother died and she lived alone and decided to go to school, high school, first day of going to any school at all, first day for a lot of things, its also one direction's first day but when they meet Rose, things don't go as they expect


2. Chapter 2

A week later the baby was transported into a beautiful pink and gold rose which is very rare for a baby to be born in. Pink meant that is was going to be a girl, a pink and gold rose meant the baby was going to be special, because it has been crowned Princess of mother nature the second it is born until the age of 18. On the 18th birthday the Princess will be crowned Queen of mother nature.


A few months later


Jasmine's P.O.V


I feel something. I feel like I'm needed to be somewhere. I rush out of the house and follow a light. I reach a forest, the forest is beautiful and green, there is a healthy green oak tree and besides it there is a pink rose, the rose is gold on the top and a little bit of gold glitter surrounding it. I saw some birds and chipmunks and rabbits, there were deep ocean blue butterflies, gold butterflies, and then all the animals went silent. The golden pink rose started to blossom and inside was a beautiful baby girl who was the size of what a regular baby would be. She had golden blonde hair on her head and light blue eyes that glistened in the sun light. I picked up the baby and wrapped it in a pink blanket. "I think I will name you Rose" I said to the baby girl and she smiled and so did I. The animals cheered a little and then went back to their homes as I carried Rose to my red jeep. I put her in a baby seat in the back seat.


I drove home and brought the baby in the house. I put her in her room and got everything settled.


16 years passed after this day and Jasmine died, her body vanished in thin air along with her mother and father. Rose was 16 years old and lived in the home by herself.

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