Born alone, raised alone

She was born in a flower, she was raised by her mother until the age of 16, her mother died and she lived alone and decided to go to school, high school, first day of going to any school at all, first day for a lot of things, its also one direction's first day but when they meet Rose, things don't go as they expect


11. Chapter 11

"Lacey?!" I yelled. "Yes it me, I'm here with my friends" she smirked. "What do you want with me" I demanded. "Nothing, I just want Harry and these girls here want their boys too" she said and the group looked at me. "You don't even know what you've messed with" I said and smiled. "Oh don't I?" she said and a black crown appeared on her head. "Why do you have a black crown?" I said nervously. "Because when you were born, I was born the same day except I wasn't born in a flower with people excited to see me, I was in the sewers all alone" she said walking forward to me. I made my crown appear on my head. It was made of diamonds. "I want to fight you in the basement, I set up a spot and everything" she said and smirked. "If you win I let you go and you can keep the boys and if I win I murder you and keep the boys" she said. 


"Fine" I said confidently. She was surprised but she didn't know what she had coming. We were in the basement and she threw the first punch. She missed and I threw her over me. I started punching her across the face and then her group of girls tackled me and started beating me up. "THIS WASN'T APART OF THE PLAN!" I yelled. "So?" she said. She started punching me until I used all my strength and threw everyone off me. My crown started to glow. It turned pink and gold. My body healed and I went and attacked Lacey. I threw her to the ground and started punching her face. She was knocked out. I kept hitting her and I threw her and then all of a sudden the basement started shaking. "Whats happening?!" I yelled. My mother and grandparents appeared in front of me. They were ghosts but I could see them and so could everyone else in the room. "Whats happening?" I said. "You defeated her, she's dead" my mother said. I felt my body tingle and I started to grow wings. They were pink and gold. "Why is everything pink and gold?" I asked. "Because its the colors you were born with" my mother smiled. My mother and grandparents disappeared. They came back downstairs but they were actual humans. "Your wings will appear when ever you want to and since you defeated her we get to come back. Everything started to shake again. It went dark. Everyone disappeared in the room except me. 

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