The final beginning


2. chapter 2

I woke up in a hospital bed .

It was night still but I could see the sunrise coming up .

I looked over the room and I found a vase with blue roses my favorite .too bad they where wilted . They were across the room so I got up .

That when the pain started setting in and I couldn't move my arm . I looked at it . It was in a cast . I wonder what happened . I think I past out . .

" Angel!" I heard from across the room . I was pulled in to a tight embrace .

" woah! " I screamed .

I looked at him . " what happened ." I asked .

He told me the whole story . I was in a coma for a week . I got the cast from when he grabbed me when I jumped . Apparently when he pulled it dislocated my shoulder and hit a nerve .

" wait why are you here though " I asked Finally realized where I was and what I was doing .

" your parents gave me this letter to give to you , it should give you a little um., clarification ." He said . He looked sorry .

I opened the letter and stared at the words . They said they where going to put me up for adoption . They couldn't have a daughter who does this to herself . They called me a ignorant selfish baby . I couldn't believe it . At the vary end it said that mr gardner would be taking care of me in a foster home in-till a family took me with them .

I looked at him then he looked at me with those eyes that where so soft , so caring . I cried . He held me and I just cried on his shoulder for awhile in-till he pulled back to speak .

" I was going to ask you first ... But I talked to my wife and she said she would be glad to have you with us . We would be a nice family " he looked at me as if he asked for permission .

" I would be glad to " I said but it took all my strength to say . Nothing could happen if he would be my dad . Nothing would ever happen because of my stupid parents . But this is the only way I can stay close to him . So this is my only option .

" they said you died " I said . He looked pale as a ghost .

" who " he said .

" hopple " I blurted out .

" what exactly did you hear" he looked at me skeptically .

" he said let's have a moment of silence for john G ... I assumed it was you because you where the only john who is a teacher and the only one that last name started with a G ."

" the janitors name is john Garcia " he said then laughed .

" why did you jump " he looked into my eyes full of care but worry .

" I can't tell " I looks at the ground . I could never tell him because I would be sent away . I would never see him . It would be the end of everything . The end of the beginning .

" you can tell me anything " he said then leaned in closer .

He got even closer then whispered in my ear .

" you talk in your sleep " he then pulled away and I stared a him not with fright not in defeat but in shock .

" what did I say "

" what did you dream "

" I can't tell "

" you know vary well why I am adopting you, wait a year see what happens " he said and with that he walked over to the door .

" five minutes I need to sign some papers " he said then walked out of the door . What have a I gotten myself into

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