The final beginning


1. don't jump don't fall

It was the night of my concert and I was waiting for mr gardner. He promised since I was the teachers pet kinda that he would come because I got a solo . It was thirty minutes till the song and he still wasn't here . I thought maybe he had plans in-till I heard mr hopple on the stage .

" this morning we lost one of out staff . He was a great teacher and was with us for forty years . This morning he passed away from a heart attack and I would like to ask for a moment of silence for j... " I didn't wait to hear to the rest . I knew what happened . That's why he wasn't here . He died. He was my first love . I couldn't believe it , he was gone .

My mom was in the audience and my solo was coming up . I couldn't do it . I ran out the back of the auditorium . I could here someone say

" and here is Angel Simon performing amazing grace " I didn't pay attention to the stairs going my way or the whispers . I just kept running . I was out of the school but my mom and dad and some of my friends saw me and I saw them at the door . They ran at me but I ran faster .

Soon I realized what I had to do . There was a bridge that went over the highway . I could be with him again . I ran it was about a mile away . Since I kept running I could feel the sting in my lungs . It didn't help that I had asthma either .

I reached the steps that went over the bridge . I went up and I looked over the edge it was some drop but I didn't matter anymore I knew this was gonna happen . I put my leg over the edge and kinda stayed there in a stratal for awhile. I grabbed ahold to the part of the bridge I was sitting on and held my feet on the railing . I was facing the outside of the bridge .

" I'm so so sorry " I whispered . I let go but a strong hand grabbed me . I treys to get them to let go but I looked up and saw who it was . My savior , I looked into mr Gardner's bright green eyes .

He pulled me up and then when I get up he just hugged me .

He snuggled I could tell he was crying too . He looked straight into my eyes ." Promise me you will never do that again " he said . I heared what he said only faintly before I passed out .

" because I love you "

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