Scary short stories

A collection of scary short stories


2. a little magic

A little magic is no harm to people who believe . You can change fate , friendship and even love . You can make someone do whatever you want . You can even change the laws of nature .

One girl found out that too much magic can be vary bad . She treys to change the way someone loved her and to make him divorce his wife and run away with her to another state .

When he just saw her one the street after the spell was set . He ran over to her and pulled her into a passionate kiss .

She loved him for real but did he love her back .

The spell wore off when they where in Kentucky . He forgot where he was and all that happened during the spell was set. She asked him what happened so he asked her the same thing . He said I don't know .

Then he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out something that made her eyes open . It was the ring that he was supposed to give to his wife .

I think this is supposed to go to you . He said and got down on one knee .

You don't love me I made you love me I can't accept . She said and ran out of the building . She sat on the curb crying . She couldn't believe what she did .

He ran after her. when he got to her she was already on the railroad tracks next to the theater where they had there date .

He ran to her . He couldn't hear at first because the train was blaring the horn do loud.

"I love you please come here" he said . She turned around to face him . Her eyes where black as coal .

" your too late " she said as the train passed by . Threw her .

He fell to the ground crying because he Missed her . He was planning in divorcing his wife before to date her but he decided not to . And know he was too late .

He felt a tap on his shoulder .she was standing there .

" what happened " she said

" I don't know " he said .

Then he saw a bright light and woke up .

It always scares him when every night he has the same dream that recalled the first time they dated five years ago . He rolled over and hugged his wife . She was ice cold like always

But what do you expect from a witch .

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