The Exchange Students

I'm Marceline Abadeer (Marci ) The first week of October, some exchange students from London move to Maplewood, my small home town. One mistake leads me to my new bullies, but no one knows. At first it was just name calling, then they started beating me. Maybe I should have told some one, but I think it's too late because the last thing I remember was a rag that smelled of alcohol being put over my face and those beautiful hazel eyes, that caused me so much pain.


4. The Exchange Students


I woke up the next morning cuddled up to Luke. God I loved that I had to wake up to his fucking cute smile. I could just melt in his arms. "Good morning, beautiful", he smiled widely, then pecked at my lips. "We should probably get ready", I tell Luke, while trying to slide out of his arms. He wouldn't let go.

"Ugh whyyy ", he whined with a sleepy and whiney tone. When I finally got out of his grip, I started to pull him out of the bed.

"Because we have school today, you dummy", I playfully said while still trying to pull him out of bed.

"Ugh, fine", he said getting out of the bed.

I changed quickly, so we could go to Luke's house and he could change. After that we went to McDonalds to get some breakfast. When we got to school we were about ten minutes late. When I got into the class everyone just ignored me as I gave the tardy slip to my teacher. I slid into my seat in the back of the class room. Next to me, there was a new guy. He had curly hair, which was covered by he grey beanie he was wearing, he had the most beautiful hazel eyes, he had a grey t-shirt on with a pair of black skinny jeans. I learned that his name was Harry. When I turned to the front, I could could feel his eyes on me. But when I would turn to look at him, he he was always looking the other way.

The bell rang.

THANK GOD. No more of Harry's stares, and his hazel eyes burning into me. At lunch I sat with, Mikey, Cal, Ash, Luke, and Desi. Luke seemed to stare at them often, I wondered why. Luke would kiss me and hold my hand. I noticed that Harry and his friends would be looking at us when Luke would do that. What was up with Luke and these guys?

After school I forgot my note book in my locker so I went back into the school. I took my note book out and right after I took it out someone slammed my locker closed. When I turned around there were five guys surrounding me, one of them being Harry. "Hello love, you must be Marceline", Harry said.

"Yes I am", I said with a questioning look.

"We're the exchange students", he said, "Let me introduce my mates", he pointed at a guy with black hair, and a red and black plaid shirt. "This is Zayn".

"Vas' happenen", he said. Harry then pointed at the guys standing next to Zyan. "This is Louis", louse smiled at me and said 'hello', I smiled back. Harry then pointed at the guy standing next to Louis, "this is Liam", he also said 'hey'. Next Harry pointed at a guy with blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes. "This is Niall" , Niall turned a pinkish color when he said 'hello'. I could feel my cheeks getting hot. "And I'm Harry, I think you already figured", he said with a smile. I smiled at them.

"Well nice to meet you guys, I'd stay and talk more but I have to go", I said motioning to the door. "So bye, Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry". Then I took off with a single wave. I got to admit they were pretty damn hot, and they seemed pretty cool and nice.

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