The Exchange Students

I'm Marceline Abadeer (Marci ) The first week of October, some exchange students from London move to Maplewood, my small home town. One mistake leads me to my new bullies, but no one knows. At first it was just name calling, then they started beating me. Maybe I should have told some one, but I think it's too late because the last thing I remember was a rag that smelled of alcohol being put over my face and those beautiful hazel eyes, that caused me so much pain.


2. My Protector

Marci's POV

I woke up with my face nuzzled into Luke's neck. His arms were wrapped around my waist and he was snoring quietly. I got out of his grip and walked to the bathroom. When I walked out into the living room, Luke was sitting on the couch. He smiled and said, "good morning." I smiled at him, his blue eyes matched perfectly with his dirty blonde hair, he was perfect in every way. I walked over to the couch and sat cris cros in front of him. His expression turned serious and he grabbed my hands. "What happened last night". I suddenly remembered, the horror I saw last night. I didn't want to remember, I wanted it to go away. He stared into my eyes, I looked away, not wanting to see the pain I was feeling. His hand was on my chin forcing me to look at his beautiful blue eyes. "Marci please, just tell me", he had a look of concern on his face. "Jake", he looked angry now. "What did he do to you", he also sounded angry. "I... I saw him with Britney... He... He was kissing her", I stutter. It hurt so much more than I thought it would. It felt like I had just stabbed myself. When I told him this he looked really pissed now. He let go of my hands and stomped upstairs, I followed. He grabbed a pair of clothes, told me to wear whatever of his fit me, then went into the bathroom. I changed quickly, the clothes were still kinda big but I wore them anyway. Luke was out of the bathroom within a minute. He grabbed my hand and pulled me downstairs and out the front door. "Where are we going?", I ask clearly confused. "Somewhere", he said almost emotionless as though stuck in his thoughts.

Before I knew it we were on the street where Jake lived. "Turn back!", Luke's eyes are glued to the road, and he doesn't say a word, "Please!", I beg knowing exactly what he's going to do, but he doesn't listen to me. He parks the car in front of Jake's house, and opens the car door and gets out without turning the car off. "Stay here", he says but I don't listen. "Luke please!", I yell after him but Jake has already opened the door to his house. I see Luke's fist plunge into Jake's jaw.

Luke's POV

"YOU BASTERED!", I scream at Jake as he tried to cover his face and I punch him into the ground. Britney is on the other side of the room screaming at me to get off of Jake. Marci's arms are wrapped around my waist trying to pull me off of Jake. I couldn't stop myself though. He had hurt Marci, and I loved her to much to let him get away with it. Marci's was now in front of me pushing me away from Jake. Jake was on the floor covering his face, he was now bleeding from his nose, lips, the cuts on his face and he had a redish eye. "STOP, PLEASE STOP!", I heard Marci yelling at me. "DONT EVER GET NEAR HER AGAIN YOU FUCKER!", I scream across the room at Jake. "Let's just go", Marci says trying to pull me outside, but I loosen myself from her grip. I walked over to Jake, and grabbed him by the shirt."You fucking go near her again and I'll fucking screw you up!", was all I said to him, then grabbed Marci's hand and dragged her to the car.

"You didn't have to do that", she said after a few minutes if silence in the car. I know I didn't, but I wanted to. Marci meant the world to me, she helped me get over my drug addiction, I've been a better person then I ever was, I didn't get in fights anymore, she changed me and I liked this change. "I know", I murmur still in thought, "but he deserved it for doing that". Marci sat silently, and I parked in her driveway. "Are you mad at me", I say breaking the silence. She turns to me and smiles, "No, let's go inside now, so I can change into clothes that actually fit", she tugged on the pants that she was wearing. "Ok", I say more cheerfully, her smile makes me more calm. "But we have to hurry". "Why", she asks confused. " because we are going to Micky D's for breakfast". "Your going to get ice cream aren't you", she giggled. "Yup", I laugh as we get out of the car.

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