The Story of the man who did it all

The Doctor just watched his friends get zapped back into time and he can't save them, not this time and as he tries to cope with the sadness, he can only hope to find some new companions, but when he meets Abby, he doesn't know anything better than feeling like he is with a old friend, he earns her trust and becomes closer to what he wishes was his own Amy Pond.


2. Chapter Two: Bandages, Stone Aunts, and a man who is going to take you to the moon

When I opened my eyes, I was expecting my ceiling fan and then blue paint chipping from the ceiling not, well wherever I was. I sit up. I was on a metal floor and to the left of me was a big round thing, kinda like a console but this one was round and it had all kind of crap on it. I saw a bottle cap and a cheese grater. I looked around the room. Aha, there was the doors. I jump up. My throat starts to burn, I put my hand to my neck, I feel a bandage.Why didn’t I see the blood stained all over my shirt and my hands. I walk to the door and push it open, I saw my house but someone was in there., was it the Doctor? I heard crashing.What was he doing?I run though the grass and to my window.The curtain was in the way but I could make out a man and my Aunt, he was throwing chairs and books at her, and normally I would run straight in there and yell at him but since she tried to kill me, I was ok with it. I was watching the doctor so closely I didn’t notice little Timmy walk behind me. His tap shoes should has clicked on the driveway but I wasn’t paying attention. “BOO!” he says in a quiet voice but loud enough to spook me. “ Oh Hey Timmy.” he smiles and looks through the window. “So what’s wrong with your neck? you have a bandage.”

“I don’t know, I just woke up with it on.” I lied. I mean I knew why I had it but telling a little 6 year old boy about your stone Aunt trying to kill you might give him nightmares. “ Intresting!” He says. “ So whats wrong with your Aunt?”

“ Umm, I don’t know she just gone crazy..” He just nods. He asks alot of questions. I looked back to the living room and the Doctor and my Aunt were gone. “ Timmy? Where did they go?” “I don’t know but that statue at the front door looks like your Aunt..” I quickly turn my head which involved in epic pain in my neck. “AJHHHHHHHHH!!” the doctor runs out of my house.. He stopped right in front of us. “ You what is your name?” he points at Timmy. “ Uhhh Timmy.” “Timmy! I knew a dog named Timmy, he got ran over by a car, so much for getting a robot dog.” Well the Doctor may be a life-saving traveling man but boy can he babble. “ Uhh... Doctor, what is with the bandage, what happened to me?” I ask, The Doctor looked like you told him his favorite dog just got killed, kinda like Timmy. “ Uhh, see your “aunt” was crushing your throat and by the time I smashed through the window in your fireplace room, your head looked like it was about to pop off. I had to use some nanogenes to heal it. You have to wait a few hours or a couple days.” he speaks at a very fast tone." What are nano genes?" Timmy asked. Typical Timmy, always has questions.The Doctor was dancing around, like he was in a rush and he was wasting time with us. " Nanogenes are subtonic robots capable of healing wounds and restoring lost appendages." he said very fast. “ Now, Timmy, do you like spaceships and aliens?” the doctor said is a soft voice. “ YEAH!” Timmy yelped! He was jumping up and down like he was going to get a toy, and learning from what my mother said about him, he wasn’t getting a gift. “ Good!, because we are going on a trip.” he grabs both of our hands and drags us to the blue box. Now my mom never said what was inside, she said it was a secret.. He pushes the door open and shoves me and Timmy inside. “ Oh my god.” I just couldn’t believe that that tiny box, was bigger on the inside. “ It’s bigger...” I started to say.“On the inside” Timmy finished. “ Yes, yes I know, bigger on the inside, I have heard it a million times.”  “ So how big is this thing anyways?” Timmy asks as he pokes everything. “ Well , I don’t know exactly, but the engine alone is the size of a football field.” How did my mother and father spend their lives with this man, this madman with a box.. “ So how did you meet my mother?” I ask as I touch the railing. “ Well I used to have a different face, see when I die, I regenerate into a new face, a new person, it’s a way of cheating death. I got this face, when I crashed my ship into her lawn,she was 6 or maybe 7. She cooked me food and told me about the crack in her wall.. A alien escaped from the crack in her wall but I didn’t know at first, my spaceship was starting to fly away without me so I told her I would be 5 minutes. Little to know my timing isn’t exactly right. I came back 15 years later. I ran back into the house telling her that the alien was in her house., still thinking I came back maybe a few hours late. She hit me with a cricket bat....” I rolled my eyes “ Where is this story going?” I ask.

The Doctor looked offended. “ I am getting there, you're just as impatient as Amy.” That felt like he just slapped me in the face. I could see the sadness in those big sad eyes. “ So... anyways, I woke up handcuffeed. She was dressed as a police woman. She pretended to call backup., I told her about the door that was never there., she was amazed about how she never noticed it. I told her not to walk in but she did and she saw the alien. Then the alien chased us around and after we fought them, I went off again, and I came back..”  “Ok Ok I get it.” I say. “BANG BANG BANG!” I turn my head.I ran toward the door. “ NO! DON’T OPEN IT!” The doctor yells but I didn’t listen. I flung the door open. My Aunt stood there.. You think I would learn not to blink. But I blinked and she held onto my wrist. “ Doctor!” I yell. I saw Timmy at the corner of my eye grab something. “I saw this on a tv show once.” Timmy said and he raised the what I assumed was a bat. “AHHHHH!” he yelled like Tarzan and smashed it into Aunt’s arm. It smashed in half. I pushed her back, which took alot of effort and slammed the door closed. Her hand was still on my wrist. “ How do I get it off Doctor?” I ask... The Doctor walks toward me with his... screwdriver.

“ Well It is stone, but if I use my sonic screwdriver, I might be able to make it let go.” he yet again babbles on.. I turn to Timmy while the Doctor uses his screwdriver on my wrist. “ Thanks Timmy.” I smile. He smiles back. Thats when I felt the grasp on my wrist let go and a shatter on the floor. “ Thank you so much!” I ran and hug the doctor. It was awkward.

I let go and backed away.. “So, where shall we go?” the doctor says as he brushes the pieces of my aunt into his pocket..

“ What do you mean?” Timmy asks “ Where do you want to go? New York, China, 1956?” The Doctor babbles on again

“ Take me to the moon.” I joked. “ Ok, the moon it is.” he says as he pulls a big lever. The whole place shakes, and me and Timmy fall to the ground. “ To the moon!” he yells.

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