The Story of the man who did it all

The Doctor just watched his friends get zapped back into time and he can't save them, not this time and as he tries to cope with the sadness, he can only hope to find some new companions, but when he meets Abby, he doesn't know anything better than feeling like he is with a old friend, he earns her trust and becomes closer to what he wishes was his own Amy Pond.


3. Chapter Three: Upset Mothers, Moon Selfies and mistaking a meteor for a asteroid

Timmy and me had a blast.We spent the whole time playing Uno while the Doctor told us about his adventures with Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Amy and Rory. He talked about like creatures made out of pure fat and a red spider-lady. He also mentioned the alien my Aunt was. A weeping angel. They are stone creatures that hide their faces because they can’t stand looking at each other and if they do, they freeze forever. The Doctor said they zap you back in time. If my Aunt was powerful enough, she could have sent me to 1867 or 1534. Even though she was a evil alien, she was my aunt and ever since I was 6 she taken care of me. Maybe if the Doctor didn’t let my parents get imprisoned in a Weeping Angel prison, I wouldn’t have a stone Aunt who tries  to kill me.. “ We are here, now you can’t walk too far from the TARDIS or else the air bubble will knock you out and your head will explode.!” The doctor walked to the door, and pushed it open. That’s when I saw it, I saw earth from the surface of the moon. It was worth instagraming. I pulled out my phone and snapped a picture.” Is this how it works, I take you to the moon and you are on Angry Birds?” the doctor says as he storms behind me. “ I am on Instagram and it is also a camera phone. I am posting it online.” I turn and flick his head. “ Dumbo.”  Knowing as Timmy is like 8 I saw this coming. “ Dumbo is a elephant, is this man a elephant too?” The Doctor walked around his console and smiled. “ Yes, I am The Doctor, a elephant in disguise. He pulled out elephant ears ( the food) and wiggled them around his ears and he ran around making elephant noises, then Timmy joined in. They looked like 5 year olds, but I couldn’t help but join in. We totally ignored the moon and just danced around the, whatever you call it. Tardas, no no wait. Tardes, I don’t know but it was really fun. “RINNNNG!” We all stopped and turned to the phone. “RINNNG!” The doctor walks over to it and answers. “ Hello, this is the Doctor. “ Hello? This is Mrs.Strombat, this number was left on the ground near my front yard. “ Ahh yes, you must be Timmy’s mother.” They had a long conversation about kidnapping.

“Don’t worry he is fine.”

“I want to hear that for myself!” The Doctor handed Timmy the phone

“Hi Mommy!”

“Oh Sweetie, where are you?”

“On the moon.”

“The Moon?”

“Yes, here I will take a selfie with Abby on the moon.”

“Ok, I will just be waiting. I guess.” Timmy grabbed my hand and we stood right outside the door of the TARDAS or whatever and took a nice selfie.. Timmy ran back to the phone.

“Mom, Abby is sending it now.”

“ Oh, yes Abby is there, let me talk to her.” Timmy pulled me toward the phone.

“ Hello? Mrs. Stombat?”

‘Why Yes, sweetheart, why is Timmy telling me he is on the moon?”

“ Because he is.”

“Not you too Abby.”

“Sending Now!” and just as I said that, I hit the send button with a message.:

We are fine! He will be home soon :D

“ Wh h at?” I heard he stutter and yell for her husband.

“ Tell that Doctor man this isn’t the last of me!”

then she hung up. It was dead silent then Timmy started to laugh

and I started to giggle. and even the Doctor joined in. You might have thought we stood the rest of the day standing there giggling and if you did, you were really wrong.

“CRASH!” “CRASH!” Those crashes shook the TARDUS.

“ What is happening Doctor?” I screamed

“ IIIII doon’t kkknnnooow.” the Doctor said, with a shaken voice. He started to stumble to the door and looked out. Nothing was happening,well you know besides the asteroids hurtling toward the surface..

“ WE ARE GOING TO GET HIT BY ASTEROIDS!” I yelled. The Doctor turned and started stumbling back to the console. “ Well no,” he said on his way. “ So we won’t get hit by asteroids?” Timmy asked with a hopeful voice. “ No!” he said with a scared voice as he messed with the things on the console.Yes!’  me and Timmy high-fived. “Phew.” I said.

The Doctor looked at his scanner. “ We are going to get hit by meteors!”. I flew my hands in the air. Seriously! Timmy even rolled his eyes. The whole place was shaking. “ Close that door.” he gestured while still looking at the scanner. I stumbled to the door and slammed it closed. “ Well don’t slam it.” he says in a sympathetic voice. “With that arm, you could take it of the hinges.” he started to rub the door. “ Shhh, it’s alright.” he whispered. “ You talk to a box?” I snicker. It’s like talking to your table or blanket.
“Yes,I do because my box has feelings. She is alive.” He snaps. Timmy looked at the scanner. “We better go, those meteors are going to hit soon” The Doctor looked like her was dancing as he flipped things on the console. He spinned, jumped, flipped. Then he pulled the big lever and we went tumbling down. “GERONIMO!”


Sorry for the short chapter


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