The Story of the man who did it all

The Doctor just watched his friends get zapped back into time and he can't save them, not this time and as he tries to cope with the sadness, he can only hope to find some new companions, but when he meets Abby, he doesn't know anything better than feeling like he is with a old friend, he earns her trust and becomes closer to what he wishes was his own Amy Pond.


1. Chapter One: Don't Blink

Dear Mother;

Sitting with dad are you? Aunt Stayaway is getting more nosey. I know she is like that but please tell her to get out of my face when I am sitting watching t.v after 8:00. I am not 3. About that man, the one you called the doctor, does he happen to be very snippy and screams. Did  I mention the bowtie. This is what happened.



“RICKITY TACK!!! I push myself off my bed. God my head hurts. That noise haunts me every night. My mother told me the great stories about the man who traveled with that box, it should seem nice but he caused the terror in which my parents live and I am going to get him back.... one day.  I get dressed in my mothers favorite red plaid shirt. My red hair goes straight into a braid. I am ready for my research. I dress like my mom to give me memories from her to suspect wherever the terrible murderer is. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. I rush down the stairs. I fling open the door. There stands a man, wearing a bow tie and had on a fez. “Amy?” he says with a very surprised/confused/ angry voice. “No, this is Abby.” I say. Who was this man to mention my mother, it’s not like she is famous or anything.. He gave me a confused look. He pushed me aside and walked straight into my house.” Hey!” I yell at him, but he ignores me and walks right into my living room. “Hey! I NEVER INVITED YOU IN!” I yell as I chased after him. By the time I got into the living room he was already throwing things out of the desk drawers. “ Stop!” I yell, I run over to him and pull him away. “ Who are you and why did you call me by my mothers name!” I yell straight into his face. His perky smile vanished into a confused look. “ You are Amy’s kid? My Amy? My Amelia Pond?” What does he mean my Amy. “ I don’t know what you mean by My Amy.” I snap back, I whacked the fez off his head. “ No hats allowed in the house, my aunt thinks they hide secrets.” He slowly walks around me. Observing my hair, outfit, “ Well you seem like my Amy” he says as he flips my hair around. “ Again I don’t know what you mean by my Amy!” I yell. CREAK! Oh No, Aunt heard me yelling.. Behind the man, she appeared, she was wearing her nightgown. She held a piece of paper, which I couldn’t read from here.. “ Excuse me I must see what my aunt wants.” I smack my shoulder into his as I pass by. God, you walk in and then you dig through my stuff and you were even invited. Right before I could grab the piece of paper the man screamed. “ STAY BACK!”he yells as he pushes me into the desk, my side rams into the edge and I crumpled to the floor in pain.” I thought I killed you all!” he yells at my Aunt. “ LEAVE HER ALONE!” I yell at him, and still trying to get up. As he yells at her, pointing at her with some type of , well, it looks like a screwdriver. I used my hand and grasp onto the desk, and I haul myself up. He was making my Aunt mad and you never wanted to see her mad!

He face changed into her yelling face., and her finger pointed at him. “ You are making my Aunt mad!” I jump onto his back. and we fall backwards. “ Hey!” he yells as he pushes himself up and brushes his jacket off. “ Why do you have a weeping angel in your house, and why do you call it your Aunt., what do you have a Dalek here and it’s called daddy?” he laughs. How dare he make a joke about my father. I miss him so much and here this man stands making jokes. I am not known for keeping my anger. He was turned toward my aunt. I flipped him around and smacked him really hard on his face.. “ Owwww! What was that for?” he yelps. “ How dare you mention my father, he isn’t a dalek he is a human!” I scream. Aunt knewn I wasn’t in a mood so she appeared outside. “ It was a joke!” he said, with a tiny smirk. “Now before we get any farther,  I am the Doctor and my friend sent me here because of a rare sale on brooms.!” he babbles on. Wait, this man, this rude, ungreatful man was the Doctor, the man my mother talked so sweetly about, my father laughing at his jokes, years after they were said, they talked about their tales with a amazing man and look at him now! “ You're the doctor?” I ask in a very sarcastic voice.. His face perks back up. “ Yes, yes I am!” he says. My parents never told me his name so might as well ask before I kill him. “ Doctor.... Who?” I ask. His face grows a giant grin. He stood there laughing. “ Hello?”

“Oh yes, it is just the Doctor,” Just the Doctor? Wow, this man is so sure of himself. He looks at me with a weird face, almost as if he misses me. I could see tears filling up in his eyes. This was a perfect time. I walk very close to him, and I smacked him square in the face.. “ OWW! What was that for?” he yelps. “ For killing my parents and walking into my house without getting invited.” He looked more confused than ever. “ Killed your parents? What is your last name?” he got very close to me and his face was in mine..  I step back. “ My mother told me about a man, who she traveled with through time and space and he was called the Doctor,  he wore bow-ties and a fez, he was a great man with a big heart. But you killed her and my father, you let them die..” He looked so happy and sad at the same time. “ They, died?” he choked. Well to be honest no but they have no choice, well I guess we all don’t have a choice but they are locked in a room, forced to do nothing but watch the tv and eat, its like the opposite of living a life.. “ Well, no but they have no choice but get locked up in a room!” I stormed away and slammed the door closed and locked it.. I turned and looked through the peephole, there was the Doctor standing next to the blue box of his. I turned my head and my Aunt was right there. “ Aunt you scared me!” I joked, and then I blinked and I kinda wish I didn’t.

Her hand grasped onto my neck, choking me. I tried to scream doctor but her hand was stone and held hard. “ S-ttooopp!” I choke but as I blink again she grasped harder. I am going to die in the hands on my own family.. I start to band my hand against the door. “BANG, BANG, BANG!!!” Maybe the Doctor is smart enough.. haha the Doctor smart? “BANG BANG BANG!!!” I hear footsteps, but I start to slip into darkness as I blink more. “BANG BANG BAng.!” just as darkness fills my eyes, the doctor smashes through the window. Maybe he is a hero, it depends on if he saves me. And the darkness floods me eyes and fall into unconsciousness.

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