The Story of the man who did it all

The Doctor just watched his friends get zapped back into time and he can't save them, not this time and as he tries to cope with the sadness, he can only hope to find some new companions, but when he meets Abby, he doesn't know anything better than feeling like he is with a old friend, he earns her trust and becomes closer to what he wishes was his own Amy Pond.


4. Chapter 4: Guns, movies and moving statues

Again, the time in the TARDIS ( I GOT IT!) was filled with 20 Uno games and the tails of the Doctor’s adventures. He said he doesn’t know where we are going but it would be a surprise. This whole day was a surprise. A man walks into my house, yells at my aunt, my aunt tries to kill me, man smashes through window, has a box bigger on the inside, can take you to the moon and he has met aliens. What could be worst? “UNO!” Timmy yells holding his last card in the air. “UGH!” I had about 7 cards. I shuffled through them hoping to get a color changer. Then I found it and slammed the card down. It was a color changer +4.

Timmy and me started laughing. “We are here, unless you want to giggle all day.” The Doctor says as he flips some things around. Timmy and I get up and walk to the door. “Is it safe or do I have to were a helmet so my head doesn’t explode.. “ I don’t know so let’s find out!”

The doctor walks to the door and pulls it open. it was a city street.

“Where are we?” Timmy asks as he walks behind the doctor. The Doctor stuck his tongue out like he was licking the air. “Hmmmm, April 15, 1865”

“What?” I say as I also go behind him. “April 15? 1865?”

“Yes, that is what I said didn't I?”

“Well yes, but you don’t get it!” I stutter

“Don’t get it? I get everthing!” he yells

“Ok, then what happens today?”

“Uhhh, uhhh, Ok so I DON’T GET IT!” He yells

“The death of Abraham Lincoln.” Timmy butts in

“Abraham who?”

“ The 15th president of the United States.” I yell

“Well I am not american, how would i know, I never liked the United States, that’s where my friends..... your parents died.” He said quietly said

The Doctor walks onto the street. “Want to see a movie, there is Ford’s Theatre.” I walked next to him. “Cruel Just cruel.” Timmy cries as he closes the door. “Cruel, why cruel?” The Doctor cries in confusion.

“Because, that is where Abraham got shot!”

The Doctor cocked his head and shrugged "Well, no way of stopping it so why not?

"Maybe we can!!" Timmy exclaims.  The Doctor shook his head. "No that would cause rifts in time and spa.. it would be wibbly wobbly, timey wimey." 

"MOVE MOVE! THE PRESIDENT IS COMING THROUGH!"  a man yells, and behind him was a carriage. 


"There, look it is the President!" Timmy pointed.

I watched as the carriage drove by

"Timmy! He is going into the theatre!" I run next to Timmy

"Oh, no!" Timmy yells.

At the corner of my eye I saw a man walking in a black jacket and he looked suspicious.

"John Wilkes Booth, I have been expecting you." I mutter under my breathe 



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