Darkness permiates the room. Your lungs slow. Your breathes become shorter and shorter. You gasp for air as everything fades. Then its gone. Youve drifted into darkness. your gone.
"Hailey" You hear a voice call out.
And you snap out of it.
"Who's- who's there?" You whimper. And then fear floods back all at once.
"Your worst nightmare." Then a horrifying laugh fills the room as you here a saw start. Thats when the fun began.


6. Give me a chance


  Harrys p.o.v.

 Hailey headed to bed early that night. All of us guys stayed up to talk, but we knew we had to be up early for rehearsals all day. 

"Harry why didnt you do it?" Liam asked.

"I- she woke up. Right before I could do it. Im sorry." I didnt want to tell them how I felt because who knows what they would do.

"You are the newest one to do be in this Harry. You have to do it before we leave or else your dead. Got it?" Louis hissed. 

Long story short, the 4 guys knew each other before x factor and when we were put into a group I had no choice but to join them. And now here I am 4 years later, where Im slowly turning into them.

"G-g-got it. I wont let yall down." I stuttered.

"Yall? I think you're spending a bit too much time here, around her, Harry." Niall sounded surprised.

"I'm sorry guys. I just-"

"You what- Harry?" Zayn cut in.

"I just really dont want to see her hurt."

"You're protecting her lad! You dont like her, do you?" Liam implied.

I stayed silent.

All of the guys faces dropped.

"How could you fall for her?! We have a job to do! You're saving her! Dont you see that? Harry, you cant love her. Sending her to heaven, is the best thing you can do for her. You're setting her free. She probably doesnt even like you back. She barely knows you. She isnt special. She is a small town country girl that didnt even know who we were before we came here. Either you kill her, or I do. And you know I dont do it nice." Liam spat.

"I think she's special. Cant we just- give her a chance. Then maybe you guys can see her how I do."I plead.

"Fine. Invite her on the dang tour. But if us 4 boys disagree with you and think she's useless, then I get to do what needs to be done. Got it?!" Liam almost screams, pointing in my face like I was a kid.

But I was a kid, in this group, they had to take care of me. Im the useless one. I just, need her in my life. I shuffled into Haileys room, crawling into bed with her, and imediatley she does the thing that Im weak for, she almost like, hugged me, with her head on my chest. And I put my arms around her. I thought about her all night. And how I was going to ask her to go with us. Then I slowly fell asleep.

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