Darkness permiates the room. Your lungs slow. Your breathes become shorter and shorter. You gasp for air as everything fades. Then its gone. Youve drifted into darkness. your gone.
"Hailey" You hear a voice call out.
And you snap out of it.
"Who's- who's there?" You whimper. And then fear floods back all at once.
"Your worst nightmare." Then a horrifying laugh fills the room as you here a saw start. Thats when the fun began.


7. Come with Me


  Haileys p.o.v.

I woke up bright and early the next morning. Today was the last day the boys would be here. It kind of upset me because they were closest to friends that Ive had in a long time. But today was their concert, and I had to admit I was a little excited. I took the liberty of downloading a few of their songs and I learned some. So I was looking foward to singing along. Anyways, I made my way down stairs and made breakfast for the boys, knowing they would have a tiring day ahead of them. As soon as the bacon hit the pan, Niall was up, same with Liam.

"Goodmorning love." Niall said with a smile.

"Goodmorning fellas. Hope ya slept well." I said flipping the pancakes and bacon. 

"Slept amazing." Liam stated grabbing a mug and poured himself some coffee.

"So are you guys excited to perform?" I asked grabbing my mug and leaning against the counter. 

"I think we all are always excited to perform. But tonight will be a little special I think. It's the first time that we will be performing in such a small time. I dont think any of us will forget it." Liam said sipping his cup.

"So has Harry talked to you yet?" Niall asked sitting on the counter next to Liam.

"I mean, I was asleep already  when he came into bed, and he was dead asleep when I got up. But I mean, what would he talk to me about?" I questioned.

"Oh well I just assumed you had some kind of feelings for him. That's just how you seem to act around him, like you like him." Niall said smirking.

"Well to be perfectly honest with you, I do like Harry. Im not sure if I like him in that way, or as a friend, and I'm not sure how much I like him since its only been a few days. But I really feel like there is something there. Im actually really upset that he's going, that all of you are going. This house is gonna feel even more lonely than it has ever felt with you guys gone. You guys really brighten the mood just by walking into a room. You guys have... eh, forget it." I said shaking my head.

"No say it love, we wont judge." Liam said. Louis and Zayn then walked in.

"You gave have made me feel really... safe for some reason. Like when I'm around you guys, I feel like nothing could happen to me. I just dont know whats come over me, because I feel foolish for feeling like this with 5 world known pop stars that will probably forget me in a month or two. I'm just really happy I met you guys." Right after I finished talking, Harry walked in, making me blush a lot.

The boys stayed silent, I plated all the food and the boys chowed down, and I sat back and admired the fact that I had 5 guys in my house that took care of me, for a least a little while.

When they finished we headed over to the stage area and kind of just waited around for a few hours.

Soon the time came and the boys had about 3 minutes till they went on. I figured that was my time to go out front and enjoy with everyone else. About 30 seconds later Harry comes running up to me, out of breath. 

"Harry what's wr-"

"Come with us." He said placing his hands on my wrists.


"Come with us on tour." He said a bit louder and with a smile.

"Harry, I, I-"

Then a manager comes around;

"1D on stage now!"

Harry gave me one last look before him and the boys ran out from behind the curtain.

I couldnt even make my way out there. I was too shocked.

I want to go with him. I really truly do. I mean, nothings holding me here. I've always wanted to leave this place. And I would travel the world with these boys.

They sang around 15 songs I think, I heard them all scream out,

"Thank you Gatlinburg! We love you! Good Night!" And they came backstage sweating and panting. The other boys walked bahind another curtain, Im guessing to change. Harry, walked right over to me. 

"So will you?" He asked, shaking a bit.

I luaghed a little. Then Smiled looking at the ground. I then looked at him, dead in the eye.

And I did it. I leaned foward and placed my lips on his. At first I was holding my hands together. He was shocked at first but, then he kissed back. I gently placed my hand on the side of his head, Slowly running my fingers through his hair. Then he backed up.

"So that's a yes?" He said with the biggest smile ever.

I smiled back and nodded my head.

Best. Night. Ever

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