Warrior cats: The great war.

Arrow grows up in a rogue group of cats, and joins a clan. Blood is spilled on the forest from a evil clan named Shatteredclan. Will Arrow be able to stop them before Shatteredclan takes over the forest?


2. The mark of a Kittypet

Claw padded off with Arrow, he would have to abandon her and kill her.


He soon set her down by a busthunder path, he unleashed his sharp claws holding one of his paws up in the air ready to strike the kit. His eyes closed tight until he opened them, looking down at Arrow the black kit with the grey underfur, (I can't kill her, she's to young to die. That's it! I'll leave her near a two-legs nest!) He thought, picking her up and padding off.


He soon came across a two-legs nest, setting her down by the door. He gave her a soft comforting lick on her head, he looked at her blue eyes one last time until he ran off.


Arrow mewed softly, as a two-leg answered the door to see the kitten. She picked the kit up taking her inside.


Arrow watched the two-leg as she set her down. She filled a bowl of cat food and filled another bowl of water. Arrow ate hungerly and purred when the two-leg stroked her soft black pelt. This was all she had dreamed of.


A few moons later the two-leg put on a red collar on Arrow. Her blue eyes looked around soon going in her basket laying down and falling asleep.

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