Warrior cats: The great war.

Arrow grows up in a rogue group of cats, and joins a clan. Blood is spilled on the forest from a evil clan named Shatteredclan. Will Arrow be able to stop them before Shatteredclan takes over the forest?


4. Shortails well short temper....

Ravenkit chased her brothers playfully around the floor of the elders den. Miststream giggled softly watching the kits, she moved her head back continuing to share tongues with Softear.


"Shouldn't you young-ins be heading back to the nursery I can take you..." Featherpelt mumbled growing tired of the loud kits. She put her head down and covered her ears with her paws. 


"Featherpelt!!.." Miststream yelled to other female elder. "Be nice to them we all enjoy the company atleast most of us do, it makes us feel perfectly young again!..." Miststream mumbled the last part and looked down guiltily. Slowly realizing that Featherpelt wouldn't have heard her anyways. Miststream looked over and shared tounges with Softear once more..


Suddenly, Amberpaw ran in, her gorgeous golden pelt shining in the sunlight. "Oh! There you kits are, everybody was looking for you guys!" Amberpaw exclaimed with a mrrow of laughter at the end, her bright green eyes shining slightly.


"Th...they were looking for us?" Vinekit said softly. "Why?" He moved away from Greykit and looked at the apprentice, but he wasn't looking at her normally. It looked as if some admiration was in his eyes, like he was happy to see her. Could he have a crush on the young apprentice?!


Amberpaw just laughed again "Bravestar wants to speak with you guys, me, Spottedpaw, and Shinepaw. I heard he wanted us apprentices too show you around or something like that..." she said looking at the elders then quickly bowing her head. "I had not realized i barged in please I ask for forgiveness!!" 


Shortail the oldest elder stood up and walked over to Amberpaw "Its ok darling dont get your tail in a knot" Shortail laughed at his not very good wordplay. "I dont think Sparrowstar will get angry and neither will the other elders." 


"Sp...Sparrowstar?" Amberpaw looked at the old shaggy furred cat. "Who is Sparrowstar?" She then realized that he was almost 189 moons old (27 in cat years) "Nevermind Shortail" she mumbled.


"Did ya hear that! She don't know who Sparrowstar be" Shortail yelled loudly to the other elders. he glared at the young apprentice then yelled to her "You need yer education youngin or you will be confused in a lot of our talks that us warriors go through!!" It seemed as though he still thought everyday he went on a patrol, protected the camp, and watched over the elders, not realizing his days of that are in the past...


Amberpaw just looked down and whispered softly "Come on little kits you go too the highrock... I...i'll meet you there with the other apprentices chosen" She bowed her heads to the elders before leaving and left the room silently and quickly.


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