Warrior cats: The great war.

Arrow grows up in a rogue group of cats, and joins a clan. Blood is spilled on the forest from a evil clan named Shatteredclan. Will Arrow be able to stop them before Shatteredclan takes over the forest?


3. An adventure begins

Ravenkit ran out to play with her two siblings, Venomkit and Greykit. They all play wrestled and pretended to be warriors, with their mother Jaypelt watching them closely. "Mom can we go see the elders please!!" Venomkit cried to Jaypelt. "Fine but remember if the elders say you must go then leave this time, I don't need to be yelled at by them again!" Jaypelt said with a frustrated voice. "We promise!" the three kits declared.


They reached the elders den that had two trees layed together as walls and leaves with branches to act as a roof. They walked inside to see Miststream Softear Featherpelt Shortail and the leader Bravestar sharing tongues together "Hello everyone!" Ravenkit said with a bow. "We came here to listen to some stories if you dont mind."


Miststream let out a purr, "Its always wonderful to have you youngsters here, well would you young kits like to hear story?" She asked starting to lay down in a comfortable position for storytelling. "We would love too Miststream!" All of the kits replied starting to huddle around her and listen to the story. "A long time ago there used to be the 7 clans, Shadowclan, Windclan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Skyclan, our clan Moonclan but there had also been....a forbidden clan named Fearclan... All of the kits elders and even there beloved leader looked at Miststream with pure horror.


Bravestar stood up and whispered something in Miststreams ear, glancing at the young kits from time to time. "What are you whispering about!" Greykit shouted staring at his leader and elder. Nothing for you kits to know about, you are too young and Miststream is changing her story its too violent for you guys..." Bravestar said before glaring at the young kits and walking back to the highrock.

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