Warrior cats: The great war.

Arrow grows up in a rogue group of cats, and joins a clan. Blood is spilled on the forest from a evil clan named Shatteredclan. Will Arrow be able to stop them before Shatteredclan takes over the forest?


7. A New Friend

After a few moments of speaking to the elders me and my two brothers walked out of the cave and looked around. We walked over too the highrock where Bravestar, and Spottedpaw sat talking, even us kits knew that Spottedpaw was Bravestars kin. 

"Hello Bravestar!" Me and my two brothers said at the exact same time, making us turn are heads to look at eachother. I giggled softly then sat down next to Spottedpaw, which made me look up at him and realize how his grey fur shined like his fathers.

"We're here sorry that it took so long, someone decided to be a sleepy owl today!.." Amberpaw said walking with Shinepaw right next to her. "She was up all night talking to Spikepaw again.." Amberpaw mumbled before sitting next to Vinekit making him become bright red. 

"Well, now that all of you are here we can finally start." Bravestar said looking at all of us with stern eyes "Since these young kits are only a moon away from becoming young apprentices I request that you show them around our camp and a small amount outside of the camp only a fox-length though..."

Amberpaw smiled brightly then stood up bouncing around "Can I show Vinekit around?! Oh please father!" She begged looking at her father with big pouty kitten eyes.

"Fine you may show him around...Shinepaw your showing Greykit around, and Spottedpaw your showing Ravenkit around.." He said before getting up and walking into the Highrock with a loud yawn.

I watched as Greykit, Vinekit, Amberpaw, and Shinepaw ran off to give out the tours. "Umm aren't we going too?..." I stared at Spottedpaw as he watched them run off.

"Yes, we will be heading out right now I was just waiting for my sisters and your brothers to leave...I work better alone.." He stood up at started walking but stopped and looked back at me. "You coming?..." 

"Huh?! Oh yeah I'm coming I was just umm watching.." I stood up and ran after him, soon after we we're trotting side by side talking about many things...

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