One Heart || N.H Fanfic ||

'I only have one heart, So be fragile'


2. Two Hearts*

Once I arrived at my moms. I walked in to notice my mom on the couch crying. I walked over to her "Mom? Mom? Tell me what happened?" No answer. "Mom?!"

"Honey, Your d-dad d-died..." I felt the tears I couldn't hold them back. They rolled down my cheeks, one by one.

"He c-can't be gone.. J-just can't." I say between sobbing. "H-he is baby. It's going to be okay. I love you."

"Mom I love you too.."


I walked in & kicked off my shoes. "N-Niall?" I walked upstairs to find him & a girl making out. Instantly my heart snapped.. I slammed the door. I ran downstairs.

"Kayla?! Wait?!" I didn't care, I kept going. I know he would catch up. But oh well I kept running till my legs couldn't take it. He grabbed me, Spend me around. "Look that meant nothing. I love you."

"No.. " He leaned in & smashed his lips onto mine. I instantly pulled away. "No. No. What do you not get?" I stormed off. I got in my car without shoes. & Drove off.

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