One Heart || N.H Fanfic ||

'I only have one heart, So be fragile'


3. Three Hearts*

'I don't know what I want, But I don't want this..'


I pull up to my cousins house 'Louis'. Hopefully him an Eleanor doesn't mind me for a couple days. I walk up and knock on the door. "What are you doing here Kayla?" I must have looked like crap with smudge make up. My red puffy eyes. "I-I went to my moms house.. An an d-dads dead.. I went home to find Ni kissing some girl..." He pulled me into a hug. "Oh Kayla It's ok. I'll get Niall.." He said through gritted teeth.

"Ok.. Is it fine if I stay here for a while?"

"Yea make your self at home." He smiled. He didn't care much for my dad. They weren't always friendly with each other..

I went upstairs to find a guest bedroom. I settled in there for a while. I needed some clothes so might as well ask Eleanor.

"Eleanor? Eleanor?" I say banging on bathroom door. "Yes?"

"Can I have some pjs for the night?"


"Thanks." I walked into there room, straight to there closet to find a tank top and sweat pants.

I walked back to my room. I got dressed, I went to my car to grab my contact case & glasses. I took out my contacts. Slipped on my glasses. I laid down in bed. Turn on netflix & picked 'Mean Girls'.

I slowly drifted to sleep..


I looked at my phone to see I had 15 text messages, 8 voicemails, 24 missed calls.. All from Niall. I don't get why he's so worried?

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