We'll Make It Work

Zach: Hey baby.

I looked at my IPod I smiled slightly. I didn't know if I should text back.. I was confused right now. I missed him I wanted him with me right now... I needed him right now...

It hurt to know he wasn't here with me right now. It hurt to know I wouldn't be able to see him in three years. And in that three years me and him both could meet deferent people in that time.

Me: Hi... :"(


5. Chapter 5.


I walked down the hall and saw Blake. I sighed looking at him. His smile his walk the way his lips moved. I couldn't get that kiss out if my mind. It was stuck like glue to your finger. I walked over to him putting a fake smile on. "Hi Blake." I said. He turned around his smile grew. "Katie. Hi." His friends frowned and walked away, I looked down at my feet. "Hey. Are you okay Katie?" He asked. "Yeah. Can we just Skip school together?" I asked. He smiled then nodded, we walked down the hall to go out side. Once we were out far enough from the school I stopped him.

"You okay?" He grabbed my hand gently. "Kiss me." I said looking in his eyes. "Wh-What?" He stuttered. "Kiss me." I repeated. He pulled me closer putting his hand on my cheek pushing out lips together. Everything and every noise slowed, I moaned. He pushed me against the tree gently kissing me more and more. He started kissing my neck. "Bl-Blake." I moaned. He pulled away kissing me one last time. "So what does this mean?" He asked. I looked in his eyes playing with the hem of his shirt. "What do you want it to mean?" I asked him.

"What about that. Jack guy?" He asked looking down at me. "Zach and... Were not.. Together.." I said. "I'm sorry..." He looked away. "It's fine..." I sighed. He looked back at me lifting my chin, he slowly kissed me. "Can you be my girlfriend?" He asked pulling away. "Yes. But... I won't be able to you know go out on dates until I'm 15 so..." He nodded. "I'll wait." He whispers. "But we are still going to date. Everyone is going to know how much I want and like you." He says softy.

I giggled and kissed him, standing on my tippy toes. He wrapped his arms around my waist picking me up. "How do you pick me up I'm s-" he cut me off. "Don't call yourself fat please." He said. I smiled and kissed his cheek. "Okay. Will you walk me home? Or we could go somewhere else." I said. He smiled playing with my hand. "We could go to my house and.. Cuddle and stuff." He giggled.

"Yeah we could do that." I blushed. "Then let's gooooooo." He chuckled pulling me along.

Summer Time:

"Don't worry sis I got you covered. Your parents love me and my parents. So you come over whenever and he can come over and y'all can have your own room." My best friend Wendy said. "I can't believe your doing that for her. Do you know how much sex they are going to have this summer." My other best friend Echo said. "What the hell!? We haven't had sex like ever." I giggled. "Yeah but you never had the chance." I looked away. "True." I giggled.

"Ew." Lexi gagged. (Another one of my best friends) "oh come on Lexi you know he is fucking hot." Echo said. "Hey back off. You have David." I said looking at her as we walked down the hall. "And Lexi has Sadie. And Wendy has Stephen. So none of us be cheaters and keep out hands off each other's boys. And in lexis case girls." We all laughed. I saw Blake walking down the hall and tripped some little 6th grader. I sighed running a hand through my hair. "You haven't got him to stop picking on little kids yet." Lexi asked. "No. He's a total ass. Every time I ask him to stop he Changes the subject." I sighed again and walked over to him.

I helped the kid with his books, the kid took his books looking at Me then Blake then me again and the ran off. "Really?!?!" I snapped at him. "Oh hey baby." He said pulling me by my waist. "Don't oh hey baby me. Stop picking on that kid!!!" I snapped louder. He sighed. "Fine whatever." I could tell he was pissed, so was I though because he is always picking on that poor kid. "Hey man!!! You gonna get with your girl tonight at the party." I looked at Motor. "You know what Motor shut the fuck up!! He isn't you know why!! Because I'm not going you selfish little horny bast-" Blake cut me off. "Babe!"

"I'm sorry but I don't like him." I said. Motor eyes were the size of a golf ball, Motor just walked away. "What the hell Katie?!?!" He yelled at me. "What? Don't say what the hell to me. He's pissing me off..." ".... I know.... I'm sorry..." He said. I nodded looking down. "So have we found a way to see each other besides FaceTiming?" He asked playing with my hands. "Yeah. But I'm not tellin you." I giggled. "What whyyyyyy?" He groans. "Cuz I'm mean like that." I said then kissed him, after pulling away he started giving me though's puppy dog eyes. "Ugh. Fine. Wendy said we could go to her house and we would have our own room." I said to him.

"Ohhhh. Are own room." He smiled leaning closer. "Yessss. Are own room." I said wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him. He stuck his hand in my shirt I felt his dick hit my leg I giggled bitting his lip. "Mmmmm. Baby. Not at school." He groaned. "I love what you do to me." He moans pulling away. I looked in his eyes smiling. "Don't say it." I said. "Say what?" "Though's words." He sighed. "Well to bad. I love you. And I want you to know that." He said putting a hand on my cheek. I smiled and kissed it, he kissed my head. "Katie! You comin?" I heard Echo yell. I have her my middle finger and kissed Blake. "Oh I know you want too!!" Echo yelled.

I pulled away and laughed. "Haha. Okay baby. We should go. The bell is about to ring. Even though there isn't really any classes we have to go to." Blake said. I nodded and kissed him one last time. "Bye." I said backing away. He let go if my hand. "Bye. See you at lunch. I love you." He said my heart skipped beats and my stomach turned. I nodded and walked away.

End Of The Day:

"So FaceTime tonight. All night long." Blake whispered in my ear. "All night long I promise." I say. "Mmmm. You going to Wendy's?" I nodded. "Yeah. Were going to get the girls over and then we are going to work on the room." I smiled. "Good." He whispers. "Okayyy. I got to go. Before I miss the bus." I said. "Why don't I just walk you home." "My parents are home." I said. He nodded and kissed me. "Fine." He said pulling away. "I love you. Byeeee." He said. "Bye." He wouldn't let go of my hand, I giggled. "Let go you'll see me again. And we can. Do other things." I giggled. "Hehehe. Fine." He said kissing my cheek and let's me go. I walked away smiling.

I think I'm falling in love with him....


When I got home I laid in my bed reading. Then I got a text... I picked up my IPod and read it. My heart stopped.

Zach: Hi Katie...

I sighed looking at the roof.... In so many months we haven't talked. And he decides now to text me when I think I'm allying in love with Blake...

Me: Hi...

Zach: How have you been. It's been so long we have talked.

Me:.... I've been great. How about you?

This was so weird it was like the first time we started talking.

Zach: great me and my girlfriend are great... But we are havin fights right now...

Me: so what? Your just texting me why?

Zach: idk. Your my best friend and I miss you.

Me: oh okay.

It was a while before we stopped talking. I went to Wendy's and the girls were there we finished up the room. It looked great I can't wait until he gets here tomorrow and we get to lay in the bed together.

"You do know you can do it in here with him right. But ONLY if it feels the right time." "Okay mom." I giggled. "Mhmmm. I got my eye on you two." She said. I made a funny face which made her laugh loudly. "So is he coming tomorrow?" Echo laughed. "Yessss." I said putting a pillow on the bed.

"Well have fun." She giggled. "You have fun with David."

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