We'll Make It Work

Zach: Hey baby.

I looked at my IPod I smiled slightly. I didn't know if I should text back.. I was confused right now. I missed him I wanted him with me right now... I needed him right now...

It hurt to know he wasn't here with me right now. It hurt to know I wouldn't be able to see him in three years. And in that three years me and him both could meet deferent people in that time.

Me: Hi... :"(


3. Chapter 3.


"No, No the funny thing is that you almost fell on your ass!!" I giggled. Blake smiled at me. "Your so cute." He said. I looked down blushing. "Alright. What's up. Why are you acting so weird..?" He asked me. "I'm not. It's just... I sorda... Have a boyfriend..." I told him.

It wasn't really true but. I consider Zach my boyfriend.. "Oh... I didn't... I didn't know." He says looking down. "I'm sorry. I should have told you." I looked away leaning against my locker. "It's fine. Hey look at me." He raises my chin looking in my eyes.

"It'll be okay. We'll be fine. We can be friends." He says. I nodded. "Yeah. Friends." I say. He looked down at my lips. He started leaning down, I looked at his lips. I stood on my tippy toes to were his lips were fully on mine.

He kissed me pushing me against the locker. I gasped he slid his tongue in my mouth, he started playing with my tongue. I pulled away. "Blake" I snapped looking away. Tears formed in my eyes. "I-I'm so sorry." He said. I shook my head walking away.

"Katie!! Wait. Katie..." He called after me. I walked in my class whipping the tears away. I can't believe he did that...


I laid on my bed FaceTiming Zach. "So how was your day." He asked. "Uh. Good. It was good." I said looking down. "That's. Uh good." He chuckled. I nodded. "Are you okay?" "Yeah I'm fine, I just missed you." I said. "I missed you too." He says.

I smiled. "You know I love you." I said. Tears started coming from my eyes. He nodded. "My Yeah baby. And I love you. What's wrong. Tell me." I shook my head sniffling. "Nothing I'm. I gotta go. So I'll talk to you later." I said. He nodded. "Okay baby I l-" I hung up before he could say anything. I cried breathing in and out.

How could I do this!!! How could I do this to him!!!

(Two Hours Later)

I was sitting on my bed... Thinking. Thinking about everything... The kiss and everything. And I finally figured out what I had to do...

I had to... Let go of Blake....

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