We'll Make It Work

Zach: Hey baby.

I looked at my IPod I smiled slightly. I didn't know if I should text back.. I was confused right now. I missed him I wanted him with me right now... I needed him right now...

It hurt to know he wasn't here with me right now. It hurt to know I wouldn't be able to see him in three years. And in that three years me and him both could meet deferent people in that time.

Me: Hi... :"(


1. Chapter 1.


I walked down the school halls. First day back to school it's been bad so far... As always. First year of 8th grade seems to always be bad. But I guess it's better then being home with my parents and my step brother. Even though he isn't really ever there. The only one I know that cares is Zach. My best friend in the hole world.

We text each other everyday and all day. I'm talking to him now. But it's taking him a wile cause he has classes. He is 15 I am 13. We have a thing going on. I mean we aren't together it's more like friends with benefits I guess you could say.

I live in Alabama and he lives in... Illinois. It's hard but we FaceTime almost everyday. And it's amazing. It's like the most amazing thing ever. We love each other. But he can't come to Alabama until he is 18 which is in 3 years... It sucks a lot.

"Hey Katie!!" I heard my friend Echo call out. I turned around waving at her. "Hey boo." She hugged me. My IPod rang. I looked at it. "Who's that?" She asks. "Oh just Zach." I say. "Oh you two still talking. I thought you got in that big fight." "That was a week ago Echo." I say putting my stuff in my locker. I opened the message.

Zach: Awe your so cute baby. Can we FaceTime after school?

Me: Yeah sure. I gotta go and so do you. Bye.😘

I looked at Echo she was looking at my IPod. "Hey!!" I giggled. "What. You two are so cute. I think it's sweet your waiting on him." She says as we walk down the hall to her class. "Of cores I would wait for him. I love him." I say. "Yeah I know you do." She says poking my cheek. "Hey ladies." I heard Lexi say. She walked up beside me, I smiled. "Let's go to class." I said. They nodded. And so we walked.

(Hours Later)

After getting of that nasty loud bus, I walked up to my nasty old house. I pulled out my key unlocking the door. I walked in my room putting my stuff down laying on my bed. I looked at the message Zach sent me.

Zach: Okay Booboo. I love you.😘

I smiled and closed out the messages. I walked to my computer going to Netflix and started watching 'The Fosters' I loved this show it was amazing. I heard my IPod start to ring I walked over to it. Zach was calling me. I answered it laying on my bed. "Hey baby." I say. "Hey Booboo." He says sweetly. He was playing Black Opps 2 as always. But that okay.

After talking to him a while my dad came home. "Aright my dad is home. So you know what that means..." I said to Zach. He sighed pulling his shirt off. "Your gonna take it off now. Your so mean." I say. He smiles. "Good bye Katie. I love you." He says. "I love you too." I groan. He then hangs up.

"Katie you home?" My dad asks coming in the door. "Yeah. Just working on homework." I lie. I pulled my binder from my bag. He picks through the curtain. "Alright well how was school?" He asks. "It was fine. Can I Finnish this please." I say to him. "Yeah, yeah. Sorry." He says then goes away.

Zach: So babe. What you wanna do tonight. Send pictures?

Me: Yeah sure. You start.

That's another thing. We kinda send nudes... :)

:Authors Note: So first Chapter!! Tell me what you think?

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