There was a giant explosion and almost all of the human population died. In "Alone", we will see the story from all 5 characters point of view. Mika, Nathan, Yami, Lizzy, amd David, will all try their hardest to survive. Some of them want to be alone and the others want to be together. What will happen to them on this adventure? Are we every really alone?


2. Mika

 She looks around, making sure is is safe to get out of the tree she slept in. As she climbs down, Mika realises she sees something in the distance. She grabs her stuff, and heads to it. As she gets closer, she notices something watching her. Mika takes her knife out of her bag, unsure of what is watching her. 

  "Whos there?" Mika calls out. "Show yourself!" Mika gets ready to defend herself. She stands there for a few seconds, waiting to see if it will come to her. Mika continues, knowing something might jump out at her any second. 

  "He-Hello?" A quite voice comes from behind a tree. A boys face pops out from the side. "Who are you? I'm Nathan. Don't worry, I won't hurt you." Nathan steps out from behind the tree.

  "I'm Mika. How can I trust you?" Nathan throws down his bag at her feet, and shows her his pockets are empty.

 Mika ignores his bag on the ground. "So... I'm not the only one out here? I though everyone died. My whole family and everyone I knew did. So, how are you alive?"

  "Same question goes for you." He points to his bag. "May I have that back?"

  "Sure." She throws his bag to his feet, and he puts it on. "Well, are you heading the same way I am? I don't want any people trailing along, so don't think your staying with me." Mika walks away when he grabs her shoulder.

 "Its not safe out there. For anyone. I think we would have a better chance of survival together. I'll understand if you still don't want to." They look at eachother for a for a few seconds. 

  "Nah... I feel safer alone. You never know when someone might turn against you." Mika walks off, leaving Nathan.



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