The Babysitter

Scarlett Stohn, your typical teenager. Scarlett needs money, so she takes a baby-sitting job. Unknowingly, she takes the job for the douche of the school, Calum. What's gonna happen? I'm not telling you! Read it!


2. You're Funny

Scarlett's P.O.V.

I woke up. I stayed in bed for about 5 minutes more, before actually getting up. It was Sunday. I brushed my teeth, bathed, and ate breakfast. Since I was kinda bored, I called May-Anne. I also called my other friend, Sadie. Sadie was more like me. She was more laid back.

They both came over and sat down on the couch. "Hey, slut." Sadie said. "Sup, whore." I said in reply. "Why do you guys call each other names?" May-Anne asked.

"Yeah, um, no." Sadie and I said in unison.

"What happened?"

"May, you need to be me." I said.

"What does that mean?"

Sadie and I looked at each other. "Makeovers!" We pulled May into my bedroom and took her into the bathroom for makeup. "You're too good, May. We need to change that." Sadie said. I put silver blush on her eyes, red lipstick, and just a bit of blush. "Now, we need outfits." I took out a pair of black leggings, a gray mini skirt, a black shirt, a red plaid sweater, and a beanie. I also took out some brown hair dye. She was blonde, so it would look good.

"Put these on, and put this in your hair." She came out 15 minutes later, looking stunning. Sadie threw a pair of boots at her feet. May put them on, and her outfit was beautiful. Just then, I got a phone call. The caller ID said it was Calum. I frowned and looked at my friends. "I'm sorry, I have to take this." I said, walking outside.

"What do you want?" I asked.

"You. So, put on the shortest dress you got, and meet me in the school parking lot."

I chuckled. "Hey, you're funny. But, uh, I gotta go now, Cal."

"I'm not kidding. If you can, bring some friends, too."

"Cal, I can get another job."

"I already told you. I had my boys occupy every job here."

"Are you sure? 'Cause right now I'm staring at a McDonalds with a 'Help Wanted' sign." I lied.

"What, you don't live by a-"

"*Crumpling paper*, sorry you're *crumpling paper* breaking *crumpling paper* gotta *fuzzy sound*" and I hung up the phone. Ugh, good thing that's over. "He told me not to tell anyone, how come he asked me to bring friends?"

I wondered. I just put the thought out of my mind and went back to Sadie and May. She looked so pretty. " M'kay, now we need to give you a bad girl feel." Sadie said. "Hey, Scar, can we drive around in your car and find something bad to do?"

"Meh, why not?" I said. "Let's go!" We all got into my car. I had some old paint cans from 3 weeks ago, so I got out my cans and we drove around to look for an alley, or something like that.

After driving around for about 15 minutes, we finally drove into a small neighborhood. We found a tight alley and decided to paint it up. We shook up our cans and painted. I painted a picture of a vampire's lip, gushing blood. It was more bright, though. Sadie painted the corpse bride, and May painted a frozen heart. "Whoa, go May! Great job!" I said. "All right, we should go, yeah?" Sadie said. "Yep, let's get out of here." We admired our work for just a bit more and got in the car.

"I feel so much worse....IT'S AWESOME!" May said. Me and Sadie high-fived each other. We were driving and the car engine sputtered. The car slowed down. And we stopped. "Goddammit." I said, dropping my head against the wheel. I checked my phone, and tried to call my mom. My phone was at 4%. I called her. Thank god she answered.

"Hey, mumsy. Me and my friends are stranded. My car broke down. The address we're at is 3012 Dan--." The phone died. "Damn it," I said. "Can I borrow either of your phones, mine died." Sadie pulled out her phone.

"Sorry, my iPhone is disabled. We got 6 hours to wait. I forgot my passcode." Sadie flashed a 'Sorry, not my fault' smile. "What about you, May?" I asked. "My iPhone's dead, too." Just then, a blue car pulled up. "Hey, you guys need a ride?" It was Calum. "Yeah, no, we're good--" Sadie interrupted. "Yeah, we do. You're a saint."

May and Sadie got in the car, unaware of what was going on between Calum and I's......predicament. May shot me a 'you gonna get in' look. I just stood there, with my arms crossed. We stood in silence. "Hey, you gonna get in?" Calum asked, already sure of my answer. I rolled my eyes and got in the car. He asked for both of my friends' addresses and dropped them off.

Calum's P.O.V.

After they were dropped off, it was obviously just me and Scarlett in the car. "You're a dick, you know that?" She said. I laughed. "Do you think I'm stupid?" I asked. "Well, yeah, kind of." She mumbled. "I know the difference between crumpling paper and static." She just glared at me in anger. "Where the hell are you taking me?"

"Ha, you want to know where I'm taking you? Punishment is where the hell I'm taking you."

"You can't freaking punish me."

"See, that's where you're wrong."

"You don't have the freaking right."

"Let me explain something to you, every time you disobey ME, you get punishment."

"And what exactly the hell is punishment?"

"That's for my boys to decide."

"You are such a dumbass. I knew you were slow, Cal, but not that slow."

"You're on punishment for a week, so every day till next Sunday, you come here. And you don't get paid."

"Oh, yeah. This is a job. I quit."

"Yeah, you can't do that."

"Says who?"

"Me, now shut up, and go in the house."I said as I pulled up to my house. "You do realize 'my job' is practically rape."

"I said to go in the house."

"Yeah, because I care so much about whatever the hell you say."

"God, you are stubborn. Just go inside, please." She sat and thought for a moment. "Well, since you said please, I will." She got out of the car and walked out to the house. I had given her a key on her first job, so she just used the key and walked in.

They stood up as soon as I walked in. "Guys, this is the punishee." I said.

They surrounded her. "So, this is our uh, victim, yeah?" Luke said. They were all so tall, compared to Scarlett. "You're not gonna do anything to me." She said, defensively.

They circled her. "She's got a nice ass, too." Ashton said, as he squeezed her bum. She slapped him. "Personal space, heard of it?" She yelled. "Alright, who fucks first?" Her eyes widened. "I'm not some kind of toy you take turns on. None of y'all deserve to fuck me." Michael raised a 'haha' eyebrow at her.

Luke stood directly behind her. He grabbed her and pulled her into his waist. "Called it, dibs for first." She used her free elbow and used it to hurt him in his stomach. "Cal, you said this would be easy." Luke said, in pain. "And it will be." I pulled her into the nearest bedroom, and sat her there. "You stay here." And with that, I went back into the other room.

Scarlett's P.O.V.

Just then, Luke came in. "Take off your clothes." He said. "Why?" I replied.

"Because, I told you to, and you're on punishment." He undressed. "Well, how will Cal know if I don't?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "We've got cameras, they watch everything we do." "Well, this place is just full of surprises, isn't it?" He got on top of me. He started sucking my neck. "I'm still wearing clothes, you realize?"

"We'll take care of that, now won't we?" He mumbled into my neck. He slid off my jeans as he kissed me. He slid his hand up my shirt and unclipped my bra. He pulled off my tee, and slid his tongue into my mouth. My panties were the only thing he didn't take off. His hand went into my panties. "I can take this part off by myself." I stopped his hand.

I stood up and danced out of my underwear. "Ooh, nice body." He said. "Oh, shut the hell u--" I was interrupted by his kiss. He pressed my body up against his on the wall. He grabbed my boob, making me slightly moan.

Calum's P.O.V.

I sat down by my laptop with Michael and Ashton. We were watching Scarlett and Luke, without audio, but I still heard her loud moans. Luke had been dying to sleep with this girl. So, I knew as soon as she got her job assignment, she would rebell against rules, so I promised Luke he could fuck her first for punishment.

I had done this type of thing before. Used girls. It was more of a game to me. She wasn't going to be as easy to manipulate. I had met tons of girls just like Scar, but as always, I got to her. She was a virgin, before she met me. I could tell. I've always had a bit of a talent for reading people.

"Damn, Luke, get some!" Ashton said. Scarlett was bent over and Luke know, doing it. I'm not sure why we have cameras, it was Luke's idea, and he's smarter than the rest of us. "Which one of you guys go next?" I asked. "I'm going next." Ashton said. Michael was, thankfully, okay with that. Scarlett and Luke were done, then Ashton went in.

Then, Michael went in.

And, I went in. "Hey, Scarlett." She glared at me. "What the fuck do you want?" She snarled. "You know what I want. Do it." I took off my clothes and fucked her. The headboard shaking rapidly. She moaned every single time. I thrusted into her from the front. The mattress squeaking every thrust. She reached her limit. I did as well. I gave her a pill. One for an abortion. We don't use condoms.

After that, she came out into the living room. "You're a freaking monster." She said to us. "You didn't have to agree to do this, you know." I said. "You know damn well that I had to." She walked out of the house, courage and all. She got into her car.

"Great job today, guys," I said. "You guys really did it today." I handed them each £50. "Sex for money, I could get used to this." Luke said.

We all sat down on the couch. We never felt guilty about doing this to people. It was in our benefit. Sex for money. Now that I think about it, I sort of have my own personal prostitute, now. She was sexy. She was rebellious, just how I like 'em. Every Saturday, she was scheduled to have sex with me. How perfect. I've been doing this for 3 years, and never been caught. Cops are lazy-asses.

"We get to do this again, tomorrow night, right?" Luke asked. "Yes, Luke. We do it all again tomorrow," I said, in reply. "Gonna fuck that all over again."

Ashton went and made some popcorn, and we watched Grease. But Ashton had to go to his job.

Scarlett's P.O.V.

I drove home, angry as can be. Those boys are sick. My legs were shaking. I checked my phone and saw that I had 36 text messages from my friends. "Well, I couldn't check them, 'cause I was too busy being force-fucked." I thought.

I went to Starbucks and decided to buy some coffee, and maybe calm myself down. "Could I have a classic brew, with a vanilla and pumpkin creamer, and a chocolate chip muffin?" I asked. "Yep, coming right up." A blonde curly-haired boy turned around.

It was Ashton. I slapped him. He acted as if he didn't even feel it. "So, it's Scarlett. What are you doing out here this late?"

"You know exactly what the fuck I'm doing out here. Shut the hell up, and get my order. I don't wanna see your ugly-ass face again." I spat.

"You're so pretty, why do you have such a mouth on ya?"

"Don't make me call your boss, you fuckwit. I'll get you fired, no problem, and then your freaking hooker association thing with Calum will be shut the hell down. Now, shut the hell up, and get my fucking order, yeah?"

Ashton put his hands up in surrender. "All right, geez." He took out my coffee and my muffin. "Good night." He said to me as I walked out. "Ha, you think I'm wishing you a good night? I hope you get shot!" I yelled from the door.

I walked out the door and got into my car. I sat in there for a couple of minutes, to reply to the texts I got from May and Sadie. 16 from Sadie and 20 from May.

End of Chapter 2

A/N: Hey, my beautiful hot dogs! I hope you enjoyed the 2nd chapter of 'The Babysitter'! I'd like to wish you all a happy new year! It's 2015, guys! I bet this story was a great way to begin the new year, eh? My most popular story is 'Good Girls' right now. But, I'd like this awesome, demented story to stand side-by-side with it. Please, try and share this story or 'Good Girls' with friends! I really need a pick-me-up right now. Love, your beloved lip-ring-lover, CutieQueen. 💋

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