The Babysitter

Scarlett Stohn, your typical teenager. Scarlett needs money, so she takes a baby-sitting job. Unknowingly, she takes the job for the douche of the school, Calum. What's gonna happen? I'm not telling you! Read it!


1. Meet Me


Um, hi. My name is Scarlett. I'm 17. I live in Sydney, Australia. I have reddish-brownish hair. My father left me and my mother when I was about 3 months old. So, have you ever been so desperate for a bit of money, that you take whatever whoever can give you? Well, read along and you'll see what I do, because no one cares about what you would do. There's a reason you're reading this, right? Then go read a book, lazy.

Scarlett's P.O.V.

It was 7:00 in the morning. Or at least that's what it said on my clock. I got up and washed my hair and all that other crap that girls do in the mornings. Today was the first day back to the hellhole that some call 'school'. I wore a black crop top with skinny jeans, and ankle boots.

I walked in and the hallways were empty.

Usually, or at least based on my memory, these hallways would be rushing before 8:00. I walked into my classroom, and the bell rang. Everybody got up and left. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was 10:00!! I got there so late! I guess I had my alarm clock still set for summer.

After everyone else left, I left as well. I could just say I started late if I came tomorrow. I walked down the hall and immediately saw 4 tall boys walking down the hall. All the girls in the hallway were swooning. There were projectile bras. Underwear. Whatever you wore under your clothes was somewhere down the hall.

The boys stopped at me. Everyone stood in silence. "Haven't seen you around here?" One of them said. "No, you haven't. I'm new." I said, with a confident smile. An Asian-looking one looked back at me as they were walking away. He sneered at me.

A short girl came up to me, keeping her eyes on the boys. "You new here?"

"Yeah, I am."

"So, I bet you don't know who those guys are."

"Yep, my thoughts exactly."

"Well, um that's Calum, that's Luke, that's Ashton, and Michael."

"So, is there like, that crappy popular group like in 'Easy A' or something?"

"Yep, there's the boys and 3 other girls."

"Okay....Is there like, a popular table? Ha!" I said sarcastically, flailing my arms funnily.



"What's your name?"


"I'm May-Anne."

I had like, 5 minutes left till my next class began. So, for the first time ever, I decided to be EARLY. I sat down in my chair and put my feet up on the desk. Calum, the Asian one passed by me, and sat down next to me. I rolled my eyes. I felt somewhat entitled to put him down, just a little, to let him know not everybody trying to get on their knees for him. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm not a really big fan of the whole 'super cool guys that run the school' type of people.

I saw that he had tats and blonde and hazelnut hair. It looked good on him. But I'm not about to be the one slut who dates the idiot that has SEX thrown at him everyday. I bit my fingernail. And it fucked him up BAD, I could just tell.

"So, SCARLETT, my teacher said. "How old WAS George Washington when he died?"

"It's the first day, you're giving us work," I started. "No way in hell I'm doing that. And, also, we live in Australia, why are we studying America?"

He took a deep breath. "Okay, then. May-Anne?"

"George Washington was 67 when he died."

"Okay, correct."

Calum looked at me. I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He gawked at my boobs. He was practically drooling. And he made it so obvious.

"Calum Hood," the teacher boomed. "We are studying America, not the human body just yet."

I giggled. I mean, NO, I don't giggle, I'm too hardcore.Calum turned back to focus.

After that class was lunch. I had mine on the schedule pretty early. I mean, lunch at 11:30 is like breakfast, if you asked me. No one did, dumbass.

I went into the line with May-Anne. After we picked our stuff, I turned around to figure who I wanted to fuck with first. "So, May. Where's the popular table?" Obvious choice.

She pointed to a table in the middle of the room. I darted to the place in her direction. I sat up on the top of the table. "Um, what are you doing here?"

"I'm sitting down. Problem?"

"Um, kinda."

"Well, I just kinda don't care."

I heard faint giggles and chuckles at the table.

"You need to leave, like now!" Ashton said.

"Whoa, chill out, curly, I'm staying, LIEK NOW!"

"Can you just leave?" Luke asked.

"Can I just not?"

Michael burst out laughing, his face red as a tomato. "Guys," he said, still laughing in between words. "Please, let her sit!" I watched a small moment of deliberation. "Oh, please." I mumbled. I sat down and ate my lunch. They turned back around.

"Okay, we have decided that you--" . They saw that I had already sat down. "Um, ok. That works, too." Luke said. I leaned back and signaled for May-Anne. "How did you get them to let you sit?" She whispered. "I insulted them." She shrugged and ate her lunch.

It was almost time for our next class, so I left lunch and went to my locker to pick up my books. I turned around and there was Calum. "Whoa!" I was surprised. "Hey, Scarlett right? Yeah, I like you. A lot. So, would you like if I fucked you in the bathroom?" He said. "Alrighty," I sighed. "First up, Casanova. Uh, no. One, because I don't know you. Two, you're a complete idiot. "And, uh, three, you can't have whatever you want, whenever you want."

"Defiant, okay? I like it. I love a challenge. And I like you. A lot."

"Ok, let's get something right, cool? You don't know me, I don't know you. I don't WANNA know you. Walk away for your sake, and leave me the hell alone. Sex isn't some type of game. It's serious shit."

"So, you're a virgin."

"Some type of interpretation."

Just then, the bell rang. Saved by the bell, once again. "Meet me back here, after class." Calum said. "Yeah, okay. I'll definitely do that." I was walking to class. I saw a girl, she was giggling down the hall, and walking strangely. She had just walked out of the bathroom. The tall, blondie walked out as well. Sex in the bathroom seems like their forte, right about now.

I continued walking to class, sitting in the back, next to May. As the teacher spoke, I looked out the window and saw Calum making out with another girl, in his car (Not me, if you were wondering).What a man-whore. "I like you. A lot." The line replayed in my mind. What a liar, ha!

I didn't pay any attention to my teacher whatsoever, and class was over before I knew it. Remembering what Calum said, I didn't want to meet him again, so I quickly grabbed my books and tried to rush to class.

I would be early. AGAIN. Oh God, teachers might think I'm willing to comply. I tried to speed-walk. I saw Calum in the crowd of people. I walked in the opposite direction, like a smart person. He caught up to me. Damn it. He stood behind me and grabbed my waist. "Baby, what's the rush?" He said.

I said nothing and tried to get out of his grip. He was strong. You could tell, too. He pressed his body up against mine from behind. I was shorter than he was, so he looked down at me. I shot him a dirty look. He smiled, as if satisfied with himself for making me hate him. I finally pushed myself off of him. "God, you're annoying."

"Don't act as if you didn't enjoy that." He said, smirking.

Before I knew it, it was the end of the school day. Today was very successful. I cussed out a teacher, sat at the forbidden table, and turned down the horny Asian guy.

I walked home, and saw my mother sitting in the dark, crying. "Mum, are you okay?"

"No, I got fired. We have 6 months to pay the mortgage. And I have £0 saved up."

"Mum, I can get a job, and I can help you."

"Do you really mean that?"

"Yeah, mum. I really do."

"Ok, I'm trusting you, Scar."

I smiled. Yippee! Now I have to get a job. (Note the sarcasm)

I woke up. It was 7:00. For real this time. I hope. I got up, bathed, shampooed, and got dressed. Today, I wore a tight white crop top, a baby pink high-waist skirt, and a pair of black wedges. I went for a more girlish look today. It would probably be easier to get a job that way. I went downstairs.

"Mum, it's job day. I'm gonna try for an application today."

"It's job day, it's job day, Scar's gonna get a job!" She sang.

I walked into the school and sat down on one of the benches by my locker. I took out my phone, cause I had gotten a text.

"See you tomorrow night babe 😏" . The text said. It was from Calum. "How the hell did you get my number?"

"Secret info."

"What does that mean"

"None ya business"

"Ur not seeing me tomorrow nite 😆"

"I will trust me"

"Blocking you. Byeeeee"

I blocked Calum's number and turned off my phone. I looked up and May-Anne sat next to me. "Hey, what's up?" I said. "Doing all right. Couldn't complain."

"Well, I got to get a job."

"Someone put up a poster today for a babysitter. You should call the number." She said, pulling out a piece of paper. "I'm gonna call it." I put in the number, and it rang. "Hello, who is this?" A woman asked. "I'm calling for the baby-sitting job."

"Oh, yes."

"How much does it pay?"

"£40 an hour."

"Wow, and when's the first job?"

"Tomorrow night, 6:00 and overnight."

"Okay, I'll be there."

"All right, you know the address."

And the phone hung up. "Now I have a job. That was quick." I said. "Congrats, how much does it pay?"

"£40 an hour." I said. "Nice!"

*Tomorrow night* It was a Saturday. I had a job to go to in an hour. So, I started getting ready. I wore some worn-out jeans, a lacy crop top, and a pair of brown boots. I also brought a duffel bag with a XL t-shirt in there. What? They're very comfortable to sleep in. I drove the way there. I have a car, but I don't use it very often. I like walking more than driving.

I came up to the doorstep and rang the bell. Calum opened the door. I stepped back in surprise. He didn't show any emotion. "You here to baby-sit?" He said blandly. "Uh, yeah." He led me in. His house had a warm glow. It didn't look like the house of such a douchebag. There was a little girl sitting on the couch. "This is Chloe." He said, referring to the girl. She looked about eight years old.

"Hi, my name is Scarlett."

"Hi, my name is Chloe!"

I turned back to Calum. "So, if you're home tonight, how come your mom hired a babysitter?"

"She don't trust me." He said, looking at his phone.

"So, Chloe, what have you planned for tonight?"

"I wanna eat pizza, watch TV, play dress up, and beat Calum with a stick, someday." She said, as if these were very important aspirations for her.

"Lol, same." I mumbled.

"Ok, let's play dress-up." She said, and took me by the arm. I walked into her bedroom. It was so bright. It looked like Barbie threw up sparkles on a unicorn, and the unicorn pooped rainbows and painted pink all over the walls. It was so bright, it hurt my eyes. She gave me a purple dress and I put it on. "Guys, pizza's here!" Calum yelled.

"When'd you order pizza?" I asked. "About an hour ago," He said turning to the pizza guy. "So I don't have to give you zip!" I rolled my eyes and sat down in my purple dress to eat pizza. "We don't have to play dress-up anymore," Chloe said. "You can take off the dress." She said, eating her pizza. "Gladly." I said, pulling off the ruffled sleeves.

"Let's watch movies now!" Chloe ran to the DVR and put in 'Barbie And The Princess Charm School' or, I like to call it 'Shit in Pink'. She put in the movie and sat down in between me and Calum.

Finally, the movie ended. I was already half asleep, but Calum was wide awake. "Alright, Chloe, you should go to bed now. Go brush your teeth." Calum said. "Aww, okay." She replied, skipping to the bathroom. Chloe brushed her teeth, got into her PJs, and went to her bedroom to sleep.

"You wanna see my bedroom?" Calum asked, all of a sudden.

"Sure, why not? I'm bored anyway." Dumb-ass move, alert.

Calum got up and brought me to his bedroom. As soon as we got in, he pushed me onto his bed. He got on top of me. "Whoa, Cal. I said no, remember?"

"But you can't say no this time."

"And why is that?"

"Because, it's your job."

"What do you mean?"

"Ha, you didn't think this was really a baby-sitting job, right?" He said, walking into his bathroom.

"Uh, yeah. Kind of."

"Ok, I know you need the cash, so I will pay you to have sex with me."

"Yeah, about that, no." I said getting up from his bed. "£40, Scar. I know you need the money. How could you say no?"

"I'll get a different job."

"I wouldn't try that. I had my boys occupy every last job in the town."

"This is the only available job." He said, standing behind me. He kissed my neck. "So, how did you get your mum to agree to saying all that on the phone?"

"My mum would never do that."

"Then, how'd you get her to?"

"Tomorrow night, 6:00 and overnight." He said, mocking the exact same voice I heard. "Ooh, you're good." I said. "That's not the only thing I'm good at." He said, pushing me to the wall.

He sucked my neck and tore off my clothes. He pushed me on the bed and slammed into me. "Oh, my god." I mumbled. He shook the headboard. He kissed me. His tongue begging for entrance. I gasped. "My god, Cal. You're so huge."

"Stand up." I got out of the bed and stood by the wall, naked. He turned me around and thrusted into me from behind. He licked my neck and our tongues danced. I moaned. We fell to the floor. It was carpet, so it didn't hurt much. I turned over and straddled him. I rode him until we both reached our limits. We turned over, breathing heavily. I looked down at his dick. "You're being paid."

I knew exactly what he meant. I scooted down to his waist level. I put him in my mouth. And I sucked it. Not exactly my type of job. "Oh, fuck.." Calum moaned. After I was done and he was done, it was about 8 hours later. Bitch, how? I looked at the clock and Calum stood over me.

"Well, I guess time flies when you're having sex." I looked up at him, sweaty and still breathing heavily. He went over to his wallet and handed me £320. "Wow!" I said. "Well, 8 hours of sex can do that to a person. Now, you come here every Saturday. Oh, and if you tell ANYONE about this, there will be consequences."

I went out of his bedroom, still wet and naked. I took a shower, put my clothes, and walked out of his house. I was shaking. I got into my car, and drove away as quickly as possible. I was pretty much his slave now. Forced to do whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted it.

A/N: Hello, kitties! I hope you have enjoyed the first chapter of 'The Babysitter'. I know my most popular book is 'Good Girls', and I'm sorry for those viewers that I wasn't working on it. But, I can make up for it with this demented book! Right, right? Love, your demented lip-gloss-lover, CutieQueen. 💋

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