The Babysitter

Scarlett Stohn, your typical teenager. Scarlett needs money, so she takes a baby-sitting job. Unknowingly, she takes the job for the douche of the school, Calum. What's gonna happen? I'm not telling you! Read it!


3. Friends and Enemies

Sadie's P.O.V.

My phone alarm woke me up from my sleep. I decided it would be the right thing to do to get up. Shit, from getting to class early to getting up early. What's going on with me? So I did. I hopped into the shower, and bathed. I got out, put lotion on, dried my hair, and got dressed. I wore some high waist jeans, with rips in the thighs and lower legs, a tight zip-up red crop top, and some leather ankle boots.

I put on some dark red lipstick, light brown eye-shadow, and some blush. My hair was down and dyed. It was simple, an elegant chestnut blonde.

I took my backpack, grabbed an apple, and walked out the door. Today after school, I have to go buy a guitar, get guitar lessons, and start practice. I want to learn to play, because I want to go to some really advanced arts school. My mum promised she would help me with all of them. Just like Scarlett, my dad decided he didn't wanna stay with mumsy.

I walked into the school and sat down by the bench. I looked at my phone, to check my text messages. I was worried about Scarlett, because she hadn't talked to me at all last night. I saw in my text messages, that Scarlett had texted me back at 12:00 AM.

"Hey sry I didnt reply...busy" her text said.

"It's okay" I text.

I look up, and there's Calum. He stood me up and twirled me. He pulled me into his waist. "Dude, I was just texting, you can't do that, man, that's not cool." I said. He chuckled and kissed me. "That wasn't...what...I don't know you!" He kissed my neck. I pushed myself off of him. "You don't know me like that!"

I walked in an opposite direction and to my class. I started my year late, so for the first week, Scarlett hasn't seen me. I was walking down to the administrator to get my schedule. On my way, I saw a poster. It was for a babysitter. I needed money, so I called.

It rang for a bit. Then, finally someone answered.


"Yeah, I'm calling for the babysitting job."


"So, when's the first job?"

"Saturday, 6:00 and overnight."

"All right, I'll be there."

"Alrighty, hon. You know the address."

I hung up and continued towards the administrator office. "Hi, I'd like my schedule." I said to the woman. She looked up from her work, annoyed. She asked my name. "Sadie Maquoa." She mumbled my name as she looked through a binder of files. "Ah, yes, here you are, Sadie." She handed me my schedule and I turned out to find my first class.


I walked down to my first class. I opened the door. "You are Sadie Maquoa, right?" The teacher asked. "Class, this is Sadie." He said. I heard an ocean of 'Hi, Sadie's, 'Sup, Sadie's, and Hey, Sadie's. "Sup, betches." I mumbled. "You can sit next to Calum," the teacher said. "Calum, raise your hand." I saw Scarlett sitting in the crowd. I gave her the middle finger. It's kind of our handshake.

Calum leaned over to me and actually had the nerve to talk to me. "Hey, what was that for?" He asked. "It's the fucking handshake." He shook his head, signaling he understood. He scooted his desk close enough to me, and squeezed my bum. I slapped his hand off and gave him the middle finger. He smiled. "Not the handshake." I whispered.

Scarlett's P.O.V.

I looked over and saw Sadie. She began school late. I looked over to her and saw her talking to Calum. No. Just no. I took out a piece of paper and wrote her a note. 'This idiot's bad news' I wrote. I rolled the paper to her foot when the teacher's back was turned. She looked at the paper and raised an eyebrow. I watched her write back. I didn't know what she wrote, though.

She rolled the note back. 'Kinda figured that out'. She wrote. I smiled. I looked back to Sadie and got a horrifying view of Calum's face. He had an ugly smirk on his face. He made a circle with his fingers, as if he seemed Italian. He pushed his other finger through it, over and over again. The sex sign. God, not again.

He passed a note to me. 'Bathroom, after class'.The note said. I never replied.


After class, I was the first person to get out of the room, 'cause I wanted to get the hell away from Calum. I sped-walked to try and make it to the lunchroom before he got to me. I looked behind me. The hallways were rushing, but I still spotted Calum in the crowd. I looked behind me constantly. And before I knew it, Calum was almost directly behind me.

I looked around to find the nearest room. I looked to my right and saw the janitor's closet. I ran in, and locked the door. I slid down the wall, in defeat. This guy will not give up. There was another door where the janitor kept mops and brooms. I heard soft sobbing from in there.

I opened the door, to find a blonde, short little girl. She looked about 16. I bent down to help her. She looked up at me, and immediately scooted away in fear. "Are you okay?" I asked. "He-he-he touched me." She trembled. "He-he raped me."

"Who? Who raped you?"

She pointed to a picture of all the school students. I looked in the direction her finger was pointing and immediately knew who she was talking about. It was Calum. Calum raped her. Calum raped a small, helpless, quiet little girl. She looked up at me, waiting for a response. I sat down with her. I closed the door. And I cried. I sat down with her and we sobbed. I hugged her. "He raped me, too." I said, in a whisper.

All I was seeing was red. Just red. Anger. Anger at the heartlessness of this 18-year old. How could he I have never known anyone that horrible. No one. How could he do it, and have no remorse? I think Calum actually is....heartless.

After our tears dried, we talked. "Do you wanna go to the police?" I asked her. "No! It's how I live. He's the reason I'm not homeless." So he's got other girls in this prostitution program, too. It's not just me, then. How many? I was so angry. "He did the same to me."

"What's your name?" She asked me.


"My name is Elle."

"So, Elle. How old are you?" I asked.


"I'm 17."

"I'm going to go get lunch, and bring it back here. You stay." I said to her. I came back, 5 minutes later with Subway sandwiches for each of us. I handed her the sandwich, and we had a mini picnic in the janitors closet.

After we were done, I remembered about our earlier conversation. "Elle, I promise you. I'm going to do you justice." I said to her. And I was. As soon as I went out of the closet, I looked around for Calum. Lunch wasn't over, so I had a couple minutes to beat his ass. I saw Elle walk slowly out of the closet, red eyes and all from the crying. She walked in the other direction.

I remembered his note. To meet him in the bathroom. I hope he's there.


I walked into the unisex bathroom, and there was Calum. Standing, tapping his foot. He was waiting for me. I waited for all the girl/boys to get out. He stood across from me.

I walked up to him. I smiled. I punched him in the face. He held his face. He was surprised. "HOW MANY?" I yelled. I held back tears. "How many what?" I pushed him to the floor and kicked him in the stomach. He didn't bother to fight back. "How many girls, Calum?!!! How many girls have you screwed over and done what you've done to me?!!" I yelled. He laid in silence.

I kicked him in the stomach again. "HOW MANY? ANSWER ME, BITCH!" He coughed. "Fourteen." I bent down. I punched in the face and the stomach, each fourteen times. "That's what you made them feel, you freakin' douchebag!!" Just then, Luke, Michael, and Ashton came in. I guess they heard. Luke pulled me off Cal. They held me up. I blacked out.


I woke up with Calum next to me, it was a lot later. It was dark outside. We were both naked. I had a headache and looked over the the side of me, I looked at the bedside table. There was a little orange bottle. I looked at Calum. And then I realized. "He drugged me. This little shit drugged me."

I woke up and sat up to look around.

I stood, put my clothes on, and ran outside to his patio.

A/N: Freakin' AWESOME. That's what you are. Pat yourself on the back, man, you made it this far without crying. (I hope.) So, ya been reading my book. Enjoying it? I don't know. And unless you tell me, I won't know. I love you all, I love you each, GOOD NIGHT! Peace, bitches.

CutieQueen. <3

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