Cameron Dallas | You again. (Sequal 2 Memories)

Its been 6 months since Cameron said goodbye to his one true love.
Nash introduces Cameron to a girl named Acacia and from there everything just wents wrong.
Cameron and Acaica starts hanging out, but in the mean time Ava realises what a huge mistake she had made by saying goodbye to Cameron.
She wents to LA, but sees Cameron and Acacia together.
She runs away and from there everything goes black.
Ava suddently cant remember anything from the last several years.


9. Spontanious.

#Cameron's POV#

"Cameron please tell me everything i missed out on" 

I looked at Ava.


She was finally home.

I mean at my home.

but still...


I took her hand and looked into her beautiful eyes.

I kept falling inlove with her everytime i saw her smile.


"Its such a long story, im pretty sure you dont want to know about it" 

Ava nodded.

"Yeah, maybe youre right. Maybe i should just leave it. I mean its not like something life changing happened right?" 

I thought about it.

Everything that had happened the last year, was life changing for her AND me, but i just shoke my head.

She smiled and lay down on my lab.

"See thats why youre my best friend Cameron. You would never lie to me" 

I felt so bad abotu not telling her that i took her virginity and all that...

but maybe she just wasnt suppose to know.

Maybe it was god giving me another chance, to chance how it all ended up.


"Do you rememner when we we're like 13 and we walked about losing our virginitys to each other?" 

My eyes got huge. omg she knew! 

"Uhm yeah, why?" 

She giggled and looked up at me, while still holding my hand.


"It was a stupid convesation. We should do it with someone we're inlove with" 

I looked away. 

"Cus its not like we're inlove with each other. so we wont do it. I guess i'll be a virgin forever then. Cus you know how much i suck at relationships" 

I giggled.

"Yeah, probly. But you should do it with the guy you wanna be with for the rest of your life" 

She nodded and looked up into the air.

"Yeah, youre right I Will. Thanks Cam" 

I smiled.


"I love you so much Cameron" 

I fake smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I love you too" 

I did love her, but not in the same way as she loved me...


After a few hours, where we had just been laying in my bed.

Ava got up and smiled at me.

"Lets do something spontanious!" 

She jumped around and danced.

I couldnt stop laughing. 


"Like what?" 

She stopped dancing and pulled me up from my bed.

"Lets go to London!" 

I looked weird at her.

"London? As in england?" 

She nodded.

"When do you wanna go?" 

She started running around to find something i think.


I loved when she was being weird and all jumpy.

"Thats a little fast. We cant just drop everything and go"

She looked at me with a weird face and hugged me.

"Please, please, please. It could be so much fun! We can bring all the guys! Erika, Lilly, Carter, Taylor! All of them!"

I smiled.

"Okay, but not now. Tomorrow" 

Her smile filled up her entire face.

She started dancing around again.

"Okay. I'll go call all the other guys and then lets pack!"


It was almost Christmas, and she wanted to go to London?
She is the weirdest girl ive ever met.

But god. i loved her so much! 


#Ava's POV#

London? YEEEES

I couldnt just sit around anymore.

I'd lost a year of my life and i wasnt gonna let it get away that easy.

I had to do something i would remember for the rest of my life.

and i wanted Cameron to be a big part of it.


He was my best friend, and i trusted him with all my heart.

If i could i would let him take my virginity any time.

I love that guy more than i'll ever love someone else.

He is better than any guy i'll ever get to date.

I dont need a boyfriend?

I had my best friend Cameron Alexander Dallas.


I looked around Erika's room and gathered all my stuff together from all around her room.

I couldnt believe my mom had actually moved to Malibu and didnt think about how i would feel about all this.


I looked around her room.

I had so many memories in this room.

Even some i couldnt even remember..

To be honest, i was so sad inside. 

I had missed so much.

I mean i was there, but i couldnt remember a single thing about the last year...


I wish i could go back and start that year over.

I wonder what happened all that time..

I wish i knew...


Even if Cameron told me that it didnt change anything...

Im sure it changed atleast a little piece of my life.

Even just a little...

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