Cameron Dallas | You again. (Sequal 2 Memories)

Its been 6 months since Cameron said goodbye to his one true love.
Nash introduces Cameron to a girl named Acacia and from there everything just wents wrong.
Cameron and Acaica starts hanging out, but in the mean time Ava realises what a huge mistake she had made by saying goodbye to Cameron.
She wents to LA, but sees Cameron and Acacia together.
She runs away and from there everything goes black.
Ava suddently cant remember anything from the last several years.


11. London.

#Ava's POV#


We were here! 

I'd been sleeping on Cameron's shoulder the entire time.

I dreamed about that story he told me, what a sad thing to happen.


I grapped my suitcase, and ran after Cameron and the other guys.

"I'm so exited to go see the London eye, Big ben and lots of other stuff"

We all looked weird at Matt and than Matt started laughing like he did mean what he just said.

We knew that he was serious.

"Well, one of us has to be the downer" Carter looked back at Matt.

"And Matt won" Nash started laughing.

Matt stopped and lifted his hands in the air like he was saying come on dude and then he started following the crew again.


Nash ran up besides Cameron, and pushed him a bit on the shoulder.

"Dude, we're gonna get so waisted here!" 

Cameron laughed and nodded.


Carter and Matt started dancing behind me.

I turned around and saw them doing that about a week ago dance..

"You guys are so lame" Nash turned around and looked at me.

"Did you just discover that?" I giggled.


After a few minutes we arrived to our hotel, and checked in.

We were all sharing a big room with 2 double beds and one little bed besides them.

Carter and Nash ran inside, threw their bags on the floor and started jumping in the beds.

"Come on guys you're not 5 years old anymore" 

Cameron looked seriously at them.

Nash and Carter just kept going.


I walked in, slowly and looked around.

Everyone got quiet, even Nash and Carter stopped jumping in the beds.

"So how are we going to sleep?" Matt looked at me.

I lifted my shoulders.

"Uhm, I know!" Nash walked towards me and grapped my suitcase from my hand.

He walked towards one of the double beds and threw it on the right side of it.

"Ava, you sleep here and then we'll have Cam on the other side" 

I smiled and nodded.

"I'll take this bed with Carter and Matt you can sleep over there. Cus you snorre. Like real bad" 

Matt looked mad at Nash.

"Really dude?" 

Nash laughed and hugged Matt.


All this bromance.

It was so weird not being around any girls at the moment.

None of the girls could come.

So i was all alone, or not alone.

I had the guys, but you know what i ment.


Cameron had been acting weird, ever since i woke up on the hospital.

He wasnt as he used to be, i wonder if something happened to him.

Maybe something at the point i cant remember.

I dunno, but i'll figure it out at some point.


We went out to go eat some dinner at McDonalds.

Everyone's favorite place to eat.

It was amazing. I loved their McChicken menu.

But never mind.


We got in and sat down at a table next to a huge window.

Cameron and Carter when up to order.

They knew what we wanted. So yeah. 

Nash looked at me.

"What?" He giggled.

"Nothing, i didnt do anything" I smiled.

"Stop starring at me you weirdo!" 

He laughed and looked at Matt.

"So uhm Matt how are things between you and that Nicole girl? Are you getting together or what?" 

Matt quickly looked at Nash.

"You told her, didnt you" 

Nash started laughing. 

"Im sorry dude, i had to." 

Matt looked mad at me.

"Everything is fine between us! But hey how about you and Chayanne NASH?" 

Nash got quiet.

I looked at Nash.

"Woaw Nash, you got a girlfriend?" 

He blushed.

"She is not my girlfriend" Matt giggled.


I started laughing.


It was amazing how the guys finally found some love, i wondered when Cameron would get a girlfriend. 

Someone cool, so i could be friends with her! 

It would be awesome.


"How about Cameron, is he dating anyone?" 

Matt and Nash looked at each other and then back at me.

"Why are you asking?" 

I smiled.

"I just wanna know, if my best friend is dating anyone, cus if he is! You have to tell me so i can aprove her and be friends with her!" 

Nash looked at Matt in a weird way.

"Uhm, Ava" Nash looked down.

"No, no he isnt" Matt smiled at me, and then looked back at Nash who looked mad at him, but he just kept smiling.

Why did everyone act so weird at the moment? What happened that i cant remember or is it something they didnt tell me?!!


#Cameron's POV#

We got back to the guys and Ava with the food.

Matt was smiling like an idiot, but he always were.

"Sup guys? What are you talking about?" 

Ava turned her face towards me.

"Just stuff, girlfriends and that" 

I looked weird at Nash and Matt. 

They gave me that i didnt say anything look.


We sat down and everyone got what they ordered.

"Uhm, so lets go to a club or something later i've heard that you can drink when you're 18 here"

Everyone looked at Nash and Matt and laughed.

"Im sorry dudes" 

Nash and Matt looked mad at us.

"We'll just buy some alcohol and bring it to a place where you guys can drink it with us"

Nash and Matt kept looked mad at us.

We couldnt stop laughing.


I looked at Ava.

She was really laughing her ass off.

Woaw, i'd really missed the sound of her goofy laugh and the amazing look at her face. 

I'd missed her smell.

That sweet smell of pizza, flowers and vanilla all mixed together.

I'd never met anyone who smelled that good before, she never smelled bad.

I dont know how she does it, but i've never been with her not even one time when she smelled bad.

and her teeth.


They were so white, and her hair! OMG. that cute light brown long shining hair.

And her eyes. OMG. Those brown amazing hazel eyes.

She was just perfect.

Even her body was fantastic.

Not that the outside mattered that much, but she was just so perfect for me.


It was like god had thrown a beautiful, amazing, funny, weird, crazy, cute girl right into my life.

and im so thankfull for having her back.



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