Cameron Dallas | You again. (Sequal 2 Memories)

Its been 6 months since Cameron said goodbye to his one true love.
Nash introduces Cameron to a girl named Acacia and from there everything just wents wrong.
Cameron and Acaica starts hanging out, but in the mean time Ava realises what a huge mistake she had made by saying goodbye to Cameron.
She wents to LA, but sees Cameron and Acacia together.
She runs away and from there everything goes black.
Ava suddently cant remember anything from the last several years.


8. Amnesia.

#Ava's POV#

"Dont ask me that, i would never be with my bestfriend. It would ruin everything"

I looked weird at Cameron, he was looking at Nash with a weird face.


The doctor walked closer and lighted with some flash into my eyes.

It was blinding me...

He stopped and looked at me.


"Ava, what date is it?" 

I thought  about it. 

"Its july 6th 2012"

The doctor shoke his head. 

"Im afraid thats wrong. Its the 19th November 2014"

I couldnt believe it!

Id missed 2 years of my life!?


"How is that possible?" 

The doctor smiled.

"Its possible because you really hit your head, and sometimes when the head gets hurt. You loose memories"

I looked around.

"So what about the things, i cant remember?" i had tears in my eyes.

"Your friends, will tell you all you need to know"

The doctor smiled.

"You can leave the hospital in 3 days"


The doctor left the room.


I looked at Cameron.

"Cameron, will you please tell me all that happened?" 


#Cameron's POV"

I didnt say anything.

I just stood there, starring at Ava.

How was i suppose to tell her everything that had happened?

I kissed her! 

I fell inlove with her!

i took her freaking virginity!

She moved away!

She saw me with someone else!

How i was the reason she got hit by a car...


"Uhm, i... We... you" Ava looked at me like i was crazy.

I shoke my head and ran out of the room.

I couldnt tell her how her life turned out.. it wasnt fair to her...


I ran towards the front doors, and out. 

I sat down on a bench and looked frustrated at the ground.

Suddently i heard someone sneak up on me.

"Dude, you cant just run away like that" 

I looekd up.

Nash sat down next to me.

"Im sorry, i just cant tell her how sad her life turned out to be. Its all my fault. Everything that has happened to her is my fault! All of it!" 

Nash punshed me on the shoulder and smiled.

"You did all that because you were inlove and you still are" 

I let my head fall down so i was looking at the floor again.

I sighed.


"What if she doesnt like how her life is?"

Nash placed his right hand on my back and sighed.

"She will love it" I thought about it again.

"But she doesnt love me anymore" 

I heard Nash giggle.

"You dont know that. Im sure you'll turn on all your charm for her and then she will fall crazy inlove with you. Just like the first time" 


I ran my left hand through my hair and sighed again.

"I just want her to be happy. With me like before she moved away" 

Nash got up.

"Then make sure she doesnt leave you again" 

I heard fodsteps and looked up.

Nash was walking upstairs again.


I sighed and ran my fingers through my mesy hair again.

"I sure hope he is right" 


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