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Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes than this is the story for you. Discussions and games of all sorts. If you are truly a Star Wars fan like Annabeth Shadownight and DoctorWho23, you will be rooting for more. Feel free to comment what you want me to put in here and to express your laughter and/or feelings about Star Wars, relevant or not to the existing chapters. Everything is related to Star Wars and nothing else. Special thanks to Lily Anna Nightshade and Emma Bird. Enjoy!


50. Special Technology

The Star Wars galaxy is so packed with special technology we could only dream of using in ours.


Universally recognized as the weapon of the Jedi Knights, an activated lightsaber is a beam of pure energy that can deflect energy bolts and cut through almost any object. Mace Windu is one of the finest wielders of such a weapon in his era.

Energy Shields

An energy shield--also called a deflector shield--is a protective force field. Although they can be used to defend planetary bases, they are more commonly used to protect starships against enemy fire. Jedi use the Force, not deflector shields, to avoid laserfire.

Hyperspace Travel

If a pilot attempted to travel at the speed of light from one end of the galaxy to another, the journey would take about 100,000 years. Travel time is reduced considerably by a jump into hyperspace, the dimension taking advantage of the wrinkles in the fabric of real space. The Millennium Falcon has a powerful Class 0.5 hyperdrive, allowing it to travel far faster than an Imperial starship.

Tractor Beams

A modified force field, tractor beams are projected from spaceports, planetary bases, and large starships to help guide starships to safe landings. They can also be used to capture enemy ships. The first Death Star has 700 tractor beam generators, enabling it to pull in a ship the size of the Millennium Falcon with ease.


Using lasers to scan a subject, holoprojectors create an organized arrangement of light that can be projected to appear as a 3-D replica of the subject. These holograms are used for communication, information displays, and entertainment. Most holoprojectors are equipped with audio recorders.


The most commonly used weapon across the galaxy, blasters fire intense, bullet-like beams of light energy that can stun or kill. Ranging from compact pistols to heavy assault rifles, they assume their largest role as starship-mounted blaster cannons.

Repulsorlift Vehicles

Antigravational pushing units, or repulsors, are used in land and atmosphere-high vehicles such as landspeeders, airspeeders, and speeder bikes. Repulsors, sometimes called repulsorlift engines, produce a field that pushes against a planet's gravity and provides thrust, allowing the vessel to hover as it travels about a foot above surface level.


Robotic systems with various levels of artificial intelligence, droids are used by almost every system. Despite their hard work and loyalty to their owners, droids are essentially regarded as appliances with no freedom or rights whatsoever. They are not allowed in many public areas.

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