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42. See The Climax Of Episode I Through Darth Sidious's Eyes!

A dead Darth Maul cannot explain this, so the job is left to Darth Sidious instead.

I regret to announce that Darth Maul has failed. A Sith Lord can be defeated if he is an apprentice who falls victim to his belief in his own invincibility.

However, his information was correct: the Queen and a small force had invaded the central hangar. Their objective was to retake the Naboo starfighters in order to knock out the Droid Control Ship. This should have been clear to Maul. He should have prevented the ships from taking off. Instead, he focused on the Jedi. These were his orders, but he should have realized that a change in plans was called for.

My apprentice was worthy, but he was never flexible. He focused on the Jedi for personal revenge. I had planted a single-minded personality in his head at an early age, but I did not expect it would make him fail.

Several of the ships escaped the hangar. Queen Amidala left for the palace to complete the next of the plan that I must now admit was rather bold. It depended too much on luck, but the outcome proves the plan's potential, doesn't it?

The Jedi remained to fight Darth Maul. No doubt that they knew he was the only one capable of stopping the Queen.

Here was Darth Maul's mistake: if he could not dispatch them quickly, he should have gone to the palace to stop the Queen. I do not like the fact that she is still alive...

As for my disappointing apprentice, he left the Jedi diverged in combat. From the report I received he had fought well--brilliantly, in fact. It amuses me to think of the Jedi's surprise at the deadly skill of the Sith. Now they know we have returned, and they must suspect they are no match for us. Fear must rest inside them now. Fear is an unfamiliar feeling to a Jedi.

Now they must live with it.

The battle began in the hangar. Darth Maul activated his double-ended lightsaber, a weapon he fashioned himself under my supervision. In his hands this weapon was flawless--or so I thought.

He made the Jedi run. They had to use everything they knew and more to meet his skill. They went at him, two on one, and they could not defeat him. No doubt Maul used his formidable dark powers to blunt their use of the Force.

The battle raged out of the hangar and into the Theed main power generator. It is built with catwalks that run around many levels. Now they were alone, fighting what they all knew to be a death fight.

You wonder how I knew what transpired here. It is my job to know everything that affects my plan to take over the galaxy. There are ways to find out anything.  Even what lies in the hearts and minds of living beings. My knowledge gives me power. And how I come by it you do not need to know.

Qui-Gon Jinn took the lead. A powerful warrior, I suspect he surprised Maul with his stamina. At one point Qui-Gon scored a hit and Maul fell several levels. But by the time the Jedi jumped down to engage him again, my apprentice had gained his feet and fought back with not one bit of energy displaced.

Lord Maul should have told me about his battle against the Tusken Raiders following his arrival on Tatooine. I read his journal, and I see that he kept a secret from me. If I had known about his wound,  would I have given different orders, arranged for a backup?

No. I am sure Maul was at his peak when he fought the Jedi. His error was of miscalculation, not weakness. A mental failing, not a physical one. Whether I could have foreseen that is a question I cannot answer.

There aren't many of those.

At last the battle reached a hallway of deadly laser walls. The force fields separated the Jedi from Maul, and from each other. They had to wait until the walls retracted before engaging in the next stage of the battle.

I do not know if it was luck or skill that set the stage for the final confrontation. Did Maul succeed in separating the Jedi, or did he take advantage of a situation he found himself in? Either way, he performed well.

Now he was one-on-one with Qui-Gon Jinn. A frustrated Obi-Wan was trapped behind the energy walls. It must have been a source of satisfaction for Maul to meet Qui-Gon again. I know he felt shame of his failure on Tatooine. Here was vindication and pleasure for him, a sweet triumph. My apprentice always did receive a particular joy from battle.

The duel led to a ferocity that taxed the power of the Jedi. Maul, I am sure, was under control at all times.

Do not neglect old tricks, apprentice. They will work in the future.

The battle against Qui-Gon ended with a simple blow: using the hilt of a lightsaber to knock an opponent under the chin. Maul usually disdained such blunt maneuvers. He is--was--an elegant fighter. Precise. But when he saw his opening, no doubt he remembered my lesson.

A blow to Qui-Gon's chin left him dazed.

Make use of your advantage.

Maul's lightsaber whirled and ran Qui-Gon Jinn through. The Jedi Master fell.

I can only imagine Obi-Wan's scream. If I chuckle, it is only because the arrogance of the Jedi Order infuriates me. How much delicious pleasure I get from picturing that moment, when the apprentice saw the Master fall.

This was as much my victory as Darth Maul's, for it was thanks to my teaching, my training, that he was able to defeat the great Qui-Gon Jinn.

The defeat of such an opponent should have cooled his mind, sharpened his focus. But instead, Maul met his undoing: the young Obi-Wan Kenobi. I am sure Maul knew the apprentice would attack with great savagery on behalf of his Master. He would have been prepared for that.

But I fear that Maul underestimated Obi-Wan's inner control. At first, Maul was winning. The defeat of Obi-Wan was in his grasp. Maul knocked him into the melting pit. Obi-Wan hung by a small nozzle that protruded from the sheer wall. It would have been an easy job to dislodge his grip, knock him thousands of meters down into the pit, and end the life of another nuisance of a Jedi.

Instead, Maul gloated. He kicked Obi-Wan's lightsaber into the pit. He paced in front of the stricken Jedi, snarling. No doubt my apprentice wanted to savor the moment. Against all my teachings, he hesitated in order to cherish his triumph.

The battle is not over until your opponent is dead.

How many times had I drilled that into him?

Obi-Wan called on the Force. He leaped from the pit, Qui-Gon's lightsaber flying to his hand. Maul did not have have time to parry the blow that must have been the last, great surprise of his life.

My worthy apprentice failed me in the end. He fell into the melting pit. I am glad, at least, that his body was consumed. If there must be an end, it is a fitting one.

Time and again I told him not to underestimate the Jedi. In the end, he did.

Now the Jedi know that the Sith are still operating. No doubt they will strategize, plan to move against me. I feel contempt for all of them: Yoda, Mace Windu, the young Obi-Wan. But I will not make the mistake of my apprentice. I will never forget that they could get lucky.

Darth Maul made mistakes of impatience and temper. In the end, he had been too hungry for victory. He failed to expect the resilience of Obi-Wan Kenobi. He allowed his feelings of triumph to distract him.

I, too, made a mistake. Perhaps Maul was not the best choice. For my next apprentice, I will choose more carefully. There must be hate and fear in him. There must be something in his heart that has gone cold, something that I can work to expand to ruthlessness. But there must be great cunning and intelligence as well.

The next apprentice will make no mistakes.


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