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Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes than this is the story for you. Discussions and games of all sorts. If you are truly a Star Wars fan like Annabeth Shadownight and DoctorWho23, you will be rooting for more. Feel free to comment what you want me to put in here and to express your laughter and/or feelings about Star Wars, relevant or not to the existing chapters. Everything is related to Star Wars and nothing else. Special thanks to Lily Anna Nightshade and Emma Bird. Enjoy!


46. My Favorite Villains And How I Feel About Them

10. Asajj Ventress

As a result of Count Dooku's teachings, Asajj became a powerful dark-side warrior. Throughout the war, she undertakes the most important Separatist missions.

9. Zam Wesell

A smart and shape-shifting bounty hunter, Zam Wesell is clearly dangerous and also a good shot. She was a strong match for two Jedi, who never even killed her in the first place.

8. Count Dooku

Also a powerful Separatist and Sith Lord, Count Dooku chose the power of the dark side over the ways of the Jedi Order. As Darth Sidious' right-hand man and apprentice, Dooku triggers the Clone Wars, fights with an elegant style, and basically serves as Sidious' hands.

7. Boba Fett

When someone pictures the phrase "Star Wars bounty hunter," they'll usually think of Boba Fett. He is just as powerful as his father and his ship somehow matches his armor perfectly.

6. General Grievous

General Grievous is a nightmarish combination of alien and machine. He commands the droid army itself and has killed more Jedi than anyone in his time.

5. Jabba The Hutt

Money and power. That's all that matters to Jabba the Hutt, the galaxy's most infamous crime lord. Get in his way, and you could end up as a decoration on his wall or even eaten by a selected monster.

4. Jango Fett

Highly important to Star Wars, Jango Fett was so successful that he was hired for the ultimate job: serving as the base of the clone army which would later wipe out the Jedi. Jango killed a Jedi and a monster in one day hardly using any physical exertion.

3. Darth Maul

Frighteningly cool, with an awesome double-bladed lightsaber, Darth Maul has an agility never before seen in Star Wars. This Zabrak is so strong in the dark side that he survives being cut in half and returns 10 years later to seek his revenge!

2. Darth Vader

With his mechanical breathing, threatening voice, and mysterious mask, Darth Vader is central to the Star Wars saga and highly regarded as one of Cinema's greatest villains.

1. Darth Sidious

On the surface, Sidious appears to be an honorable politician, but under the veil he is a Sith Master determined to rule the galaxy. Even in disguise, he starts a war and lures the Chosen One to the dark side. Once his cover is blown, he takes the chance to destroy the Jedi Order for good and claim the galaxy as his own!  When he has to get his hands dirty, Sidious welcomes combat and shows no mercy.


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