Everything Star Wars

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes than this is the story for you. Discussions and games of all sorts. If you are truly a Star Wars fan like Annabeth Shadownight and DoctorWho23, you will be rooting for more. Feel free to comment what you want me to put in here and to express your laughter and/or feelings about Star Wars, relevant or not to the existing chapters. Everything is related to Star Wars and nothing else. Special thanks to Lily Anna Nightshade and Emma Bird. Enjoy!


8. List Of Exotic Lightsaber Types

Shoto: A more compact version with a shorter blade. Yoda wields one.

Guard shoto: Attached to a regular lightsaber hilt at a 90-degree angle, spun in a complex mix of defense and attack. Darth Revan wields one.

Dual phase: Contains multiple crystals that allow the blade to be extended or shortened in the middle of a fight.

Lightwhip: One of the rarest offshoots of lightsaber technology. The blade moves like a snake performing lashes which can slice or trap an opponent.

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